FLL 2021: 10 out of 10 on Carry, Deliver and Drop - how to accomplish the Large Delivery mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial on a basic approach for one of the unique challenges in FIRST LEGO League competitions. This basic approach to a solution is not very consistent, and in some of the next tutorials, we will present a new solution. But we decided to record it to demonstrate how reliable this attachment is when it comes to carrying large objects. That could give you ideas of things to avoid.

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  • 04 Apr 2023
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This is a ten out of ten tutorial where we explore the consistency and reliability of our solution for large delivery in FIRST LEGO League 2021 Cargo Connect. The mission is to place this large wing on the mission model, and we've built a pretty interesting attachment with the following addition. The mission for the bridge must already be accomplished for us to have enough space on the field to reach the mission model. But if the bridge is accomplished, we get here and we accomplish the mission. Ten out of ten. Let's see. Here we go. First try. It's a difficult mission. It's difficult to place this large wing on this small mission model. So first try was not very successful. But the second try, we managed. Two tries. One of them is okay. Let's see again.

It's a challenging mission. It's a pretty large object, and I don't remember anything like that in FIRST LEGO League for the last 10-15 years. This large delivery. But it's close to the real world. So in the real world, there are such cases where we need to bring such large wings for wind turbines to a specific place. And because the competition was named Carbon Connect, it really made sense to have such a mission. And it's quite interesting to accomplish it. For our case. Simple attachment. In some of the next tutorials we will get into how do we reach the mission model? This attachment kind of works. Seven out of ten.

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