FLL 2021: 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish the Platooning Trucks mission Pro Preview

In this 10 out of 10 tutorial, we accomplish the Platooning Trucks from FIRST LEGO League (FLL) 2021-2022. The goal of the mission is to connect the trucks to each other and both of them to the bridge. The attachment and the robot pushes the trucks and we do it 10 times to see the consistency and reliability of the robot.

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  • 18 Apr 2023
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In this video tutorial, we accomplish a FIRST LEGO League cargo connect mission called the Platooning Trucks. And this is a ten out of ten tutorial. The goal of the mission is to connect these two trucks together. The first one should be connected to the bridge and the next one to the back of the first one. And we've seen the previous tutorial where we discuss how we accomplish the mission. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the consistency and the reliability of the robot. We use a LEGO Education Spike prime with a simple attachment. Let's see, here it is. Ten runs. First we start from base, and with this robot, we move forward and we try to rotate right. The first run was not successful. We kind of didn't start the robot from the exact place. Start again, move forward and we connect the two trucks. That's it. That's the goal of the mission. You see that there is an attachment on the front of the LEGO Education Spike Prime robot. It's, of course, a pinless attachment. It's a passive attachment, which means it is attached to the robot, but it is not attached to any motor. Second run. Again, we managed and we can see a lot of different ways in which this mission could be accomplished. We decided to go from base and to rotate just to the right, to turn to the right and to connect two of the platooning trucks. Let's see, a third run, we move, rotate. And this is also a successful mission, I think. No, it wasn't because we couldn't connect the platooning truck on the back, but it was close. It was close. The principle is the same. This, I guess, counts as a successful accomplishments of the mission. Both trucks have connected. It's quite an interesting mission. I don't remember I've seen a similar mission in the last couple of competitions and like, taking something from base, connecting it to another mission model, and then both of them connecting to a third mission model. It's really part of the cargo connect team where everything in the cargo is interconnected and the whole industry is interconnected. And it's quite an interesting mission. Successful run, five runs. I think we made five runs this mission. We can categorize this mission as a push mission, as a deliver mission where we push something and where we deliver something on the field, we don't collect anything, we just push and deliver. So we made like, one mistake up until now.

And this one, this one also counts as a successful mission. This was the 13 mission from the competition and we've tried a couple of ways to approach it. We even had a different solution, and I'm not sure whether we'll release it. It was connected with a platform that was bringing the platooning truck to the mission model and connecting them. But let's see. This one is demonstrating the principle where you push and as you push, you deliver. Something on the field, and it's quite stable, quite consistent and reliable. We managed to do nine out of ten last run. I hope this mission gives you some ideas of how you could approach similar mission. And I hope I see you in the next tutorial.

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