10 runs on advanced algorithm for smooth line follow with Color Sensor from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we run the robot for 10 times and we demonstrate the consistency of the robot behavior with our advanced algorithm for smooth line following. What you will get from it is an understanding and demonstration of what can you expect from the robot.

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  • 20 Jul 2022
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In this video tutorial we will do ten runs with our advanced program for line following and the goal is to demonstrate how accurate this program will make the robot behave and how good it is. Let's see. First try, we start, as you remember, we follow the line by using the reflection of the sensor and we arrive at this specific position on the field. That's it. We mark this with the phone that we have from the field from one of the mission models.

Again, you saw how the turn was rather large, but we arrived almost at the same position. Now, as we mentioned in the tutorial, we can't arrive at the same position every time because we are using a timer. And the problem with the timer is that it's a timer. We don't wait for a second event to occur on the field, we wait for a time to pass and sometimes the wheels, they slip on the map and that's why we are at a different place every time. Third, one more try here. It's the fourth run. The thing about this program is that we don't have to start at exactly the same location in the base, but nevertheless it's very helpful. So we should always try to start at the same location in the base. But even if we make a slight mistake, the program will probably compensate for this mistake.

And again, we arrived almost where we want the robot to be.

And this is what I want to show you in these ten runs, one of the runs we missed, kind of missed the turn because at this specific point, the reflection there must be something with the reflection there and in one of the runs we missed, and that's quite interesting. It doesn't happen very often, but in the recording of this tutorial it happened. What you should take from this tutorial tutorial that this program makes the robot rather consistent. See you in the next tutorial.

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