Multi-axles, many-directional LEGO Mindstorms mechanism. Part 3 Pro Preview

In this third video we show some of the tricks in building this Multi-axles mechanism. Things you could learn from an use in your next constructions

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  • 17 Jan 2016
  • 3:22
  1. The first trick is how to increase the number of holes in one of the grey frames that come with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set. It is very convenient for many constructions to have some holes in the center of the frame.
  2. Use different type of gear wheels, especially wheels that are not fixed to an axle.

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Multi-axles, many-directional LEGO Mindstorms mechanism for transferring power (almost a gear box).

Try to extend this construction to one more axle. See how it goes. Take a picture of the result or record a video and share it with us in the links below.

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Previously we showed you this mechanism and you need some imagination so that you can extend it and add different modules and different axles, but you can control these axles which is important. And that's the purpose of this mechanism. In this video I'd like to show you a few more tricks that we have used when building this mechanism.

First, if you take a look at the frames that come with the EV3 set, you have the frame and you have 8 holes on it.

What is interesting is that you don't have holes in the middle, so how can you build, extend this frame, so that you can have different axles. The main way we do this is shown here.

We have the following construction and with it we have 4 more holes in the middle of the frame and we can use them to add different axles and fix different axles on this hole. So you can always use this principle when building robots with this frames. If you happen to need more holes in the center and the parts that we've used

are actually this one.

The second also very interesting and very tricky part from this mechanism is the middle axle. Now if I move the middle axle I can see that it consist of an axle and 4 different gear wheels, but what is interesting here is that you can extend this axle, you can add 5th gear or 6th and in this way you can control more axles, which is of course if you have enough parts, but the important thing here is that this axle has 2 different types of gear wheels. The first gear wheel is this one here and it's fixed, as you can see when I'm rotating the gear wheel, it also rotates the axle and the others are not fixed so I can rotate the gear wheel without rotating the axle and this gives me an opportunity to control the different axles that are rotating. This gear wheels here are mainly used for different clutches and when you are building more complex mechanisms so they are quite usefull because they can rotate on an axle without actually rotating the axle itself. These were the 2 interesting things and the last interesting things about our mechanism. You can find the instructions below for building it, try to use it try to extend it and if you do share it with us.