10 runs on how to move on an FLL competition field with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime without sensors Pro Preview

This video tutorial demonstrates the accuracy and consistency of the robot behavior when we use only the blocks for moving the robot without any sensor. Spoiler alert - the robot is not consistent and it is not accurate.

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  • 11 May 2022
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The reason we are doing this tutorials is to demonstrate that it is not productive to try to get a consistent behavior and fun experience from a FIRST LEGO League competition without the use of sensors. Yes, it is true that you could do a mission or two and that it is easy of younger students. But there is also a reason why it is good to have a team where there are younger and older students working on different things. At the end of the day a big part of the FIRST LEGO League is to have fun and the biggest fun killer is when the robot behaves in a different way on every run. Students and team members get demotivate and it is not worth it.

How to use this tutorial

Build the robot and download the programs from the course lesson. As you do this work with the team members and the students and experiment for yourself how accurate and consistent the robot is. At the end of the exercises you will probably have the data that will show you how consistent is your robot. Then we will continue in the next few tutorials discussing ways to make the robot more consistent.


In this video tutorial, we will do ten runs with the LEGO Education Spike Prime robot and the basic program for moving with the robot. We move forward, turn left, and we move forward. Our goal with this tutorial is to demonstrate the precision of the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot. As you saw, for the first run, the robot arrived where we placed the border. Second run, same program, same robot. The robot arrives at a completely different place. Notice that we start the robot from the same place each time. But even though we're starting from the same place, it arrives at a different position. And my point here with this tutorial is to demonstrate that if we rely only on the Motors and the blocks that we have for the Motors, we won't be able to get to a consistent behavior of the robot. This is how we start, but we should always advance to a place where we can use sensors for programming the robot.

One more run.

Again. Every time we run with the robot, it arrives at a different place.

Now, why is it like this? There are a lot of different reasons and we'll discuss them throughout the course. My point is again, download the program, experiment with the program, with the students, with your team, and see how consistent the behavior of the robot will be for you, for the field that you are using, and you see for yourself that it won't be that consistent. And that's okay. This is how these robots behave, even though sometimes it would be really difficult to understand why. Download, experiment.

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