Light sensors cover on LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor robots Pro Preview

In this video tutorial we demonstrate the importance of properly shielding and protecting the light/color sensors of your LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor robots. These principles generally apply for all kind of robots. The problem is that external light sources from the venue could change the behavior of the robot - like have you ever been to a competition venue where the lighting just makes the robot behave in different ways? - well this tutorial is for you!

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  • 04 Apr 2022
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FIRST LEGO League competitions are held in large venues. Large venues need lighting and this lighting will be very different from the one that you have in your team room where you prepare in the month leading to the competition. This means you must somehow, at the day of the competition, change the programming of the robot and the sensor so that you take into account the lighting on the tables. More over than that, sometimes, like every time, the competition tables in the venue will have a different lighting conditions than the training tables in the venue. The competitions tables are surrounded by a lot of cameras, and are on 'stage' while the training tables are just on the side.

In the tutorial we demonstrate how you could use a 'shield' for the LEGO Mindstorms Color sensor. By using a shield you keep the lighting conditions for the sensor the same. No external lighting sources could have any influence on the sensor and the robot behavior, and this could only help you win the competition.

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