Animation on how and why to align to a line with two LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Color Sensors

This animation demonstrates the principle of aligning to a line with two color sensors and a LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor robot. This is a useful concept for FIRST LEGO League competitions where you want to know exactly where you are on the field and to achieve consistent behavior. In the course lesson you will also find a live video tutorial where we enter into more details about aligning. We align the robot to a line by moving both sensors slowly until they both see a black line. When one of them sees the line we move only the other. At the end we return the first sensor back.

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  • 24 Mar 2022
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Second sensor

Note that in this tutorial we need a second sensor. The LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 51515 set does not come with a second color sensor and for this and a few of the other tutorials you will need a second sensor.

Different robot

As we need a second sensor we've also modified the construction and we've used a different construction. Make sure you follow the building instructinos.

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