Sorting Center M10 FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect Challenge

Transportation includes getting the correct cargo to the correct place. Sort your containers and deliver them to their destinations.

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  • 27 Sep 2021


If the containers have been sorted so that the light orange container is the only container remaining completely in the blue sorting area box: 20

Sorting Area


These containers may also be used in other missions.


FLLCasts tip

In every run M10 has randomly arranged containers always oriented in the same way, one per corridor. The difference is in the slot and the color of the container in the respective corridor. The configuration is known before the start of each run. In this mission you should easily rearrange the fork of the attachment in the base while the robot is on the field. For example, the attachment can have 3 slots for axles. In two of them you place long axles to pierce the blue and green containers. The attachment then picks them up and the robot returns to the base. This attachment may also have a part protruding to the left side of the robot. In this case the robot should maneuver so that it can solve M09 as well.