Precision Tokens M17 FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect Challenge

The less often you interrupt the robot outside home, the more points you keep.

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  • 27 Sep 2021


If the number of precision tokens left on the field is:

  • 1: 10
  • 2: 15
  • 3: 25
  • 4: 35
  • 5: 50
  • 6: 50

You can lose one precision token without it affecting your score. Use it strategically and be sure you understand R5 , R12 , R15 , R16 , and R19 .

    R5 - The six red disc models. They are worth free points when the match starts but can be removed by the referee one at a time until they are gone.

    R12 - Home is part of the field:

    • Home has no ceiling.
    • Home is your space for handling and storing allowable things whenever you like.
    • It is also the place for handling and preparing the robot before and between launches.
    • After any launch, the robot needs to return completely into home if you want to handle it without losing a precision token.
    • The robot can leave home only from the launch area, but it can return to any part of home.
    • Do not interact with things outside home except by rules R15 and R19 . Anything the robot affects or moves completely outside home stays as is unless the robot changes it.
      • Exception 1: If something comes out of home by accident, grab it quickly so it does not upset the field.
      • Exception 2: If equipment breaks off the robot unintentionally, you can pick it up as needed.
    • You cannot strategically send or extend anything even partly out of home except by launching the robot.

    R15 - When you interact with a launched robot or any object touching it.

    • You can interrupt the robot any time for any reason, but be sure to study rules R16 and R19 .
    • The best time and place to interrupt the robot is when it is completely in home ( R12 ).
    • Do not use the exact “perfect timing” of an interruption (your eyes doing the work of a timer or sensor) as a strategy to produce a new scoring result or advantage. Missions benefiting will score zero.
    • Do not send or drop things to hit or land on the robot.

    R16 - To interrupt the robot, stop it and carry it home if it is not there.

    • If it was completely in home: No problem.
    • If it was not completely in home: Lose a precision token.

    R19 - If former cargo is stranded outside home. If it is completely outside, it stays as is. If it is partly outside, you must take it into home and lose a precision token.

    • The cargo needs to come to rest before this can be decided.
    • If stranded cargo being taken into home by hand includes a mission model, the referee takes the mission model.


FLLCasts tip

Use sensors. Build a robot that can consistently perform missions.