Teacher's Notes - How is the "Third Wheels and Square" class conducted Pro Preview

Third wheel experiments, changes in the robot, students could choose the task all by themselves. Make sure you have a lot of fun and students complete their tasks. Here is what you should know when conducting this class.

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  • 28 Jun 2019

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Let the students change the third wheels on their robots, but only after they have programed the robot to move in a square. Some of the students will try to change the program to achieve a better square with each of the third wheels. This is not required of them. The goal of the excersize is to understand the following things about the different constructions. 

  1. The presence of a tire in the supporting wheel is not allowing the robot to turn smoothly.
  2. Construction 3 - the presence of a wheel that turns in the direction of the robot could be helpful. But it should be placed correctly at the beggining.
  3. A third wheel like construction 1 where there is no wheel, but just parts supporting the robot could lead to different turns depending on the surface on which the robot is turning. 
  4. Caster wheel like Construction 2 lead to a problem similar to Construction 1 

Students will ask to choose the additional task all by themselfs. Depending on your judgement of the time left in the class you could allow this. But you should consider if they will be able to complete the task in the time left. 

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