EV3 basics course. Build a robot. Tasks (part2)

Tasks for introduction on building robots.

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  • 28 Sep 2015
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Do the tasks in order to get used to following instructions and building robots

EasyBot build with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Building instructions for the EasyBot LEGO Mindstorms robot using in many of our courses and tutorials. This EasyBot has two motors and two front wheels. The third wheel is...well, check it out, see how the third wheel is built. 

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EV3 Basic Course. Introduction to robot programming, construction and sensor use


After we constructed this robot we've noticed few things The whole construction is a little fragile So it's not very stable and the parts are not well connected to each other You can see this fragile robot And the next goal is of course to fix this, these are the tasks So after you've construct this robot try to think of ways to first - attach the brick to the motors, right here, what are the parts that you can use, how can you do this so that the motor does not move, like this. If you attach the motor with this holes here to these holes here with some parts then the motor will not move and it will be much more stable then do the same for the next motor and at the end attach the whole brick to this beam so that the beam doesn't move. These are the three tasks that we have currently for you for this robot. After you've completed the task take a picture add this picture below in the comments, take a video, add the video below in the comments, so that we can give you some feedback on the solutions.

The second task, that is kind of more complex, is for you to think of a way using this robot, as a base, to make a frame around the robot so that the goal here is for you to learn what are the different parts in the set and how you can use this parts. For example, this here is a small square frame and try to build a similar frame but around the whole robot. A square frame around the whole robot and that's the second task. The third task is for you to build a competition robot Below in the description, you'll find link to a robot that we call EV3 competition robot. Try to construct the EV3 competition robot I don't have it currently constructed s o that I can show it to you, but when you do, you'll have a nice competition robot that's stable, balanced and on which you can add more attachments Again. Let's summarize. First task, improve this robot, by making it not that fragile Second task, add a square frame around this robot, so that you can learn how to use the different parts. And third task construct the EV3 competition robot.

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