FLL 2018: Mission run of M11, M13 (push, push up) in FIRST LEGO League 2018 Into Orbit. Review Preview

This is the fifth and the last run of the Nightbeast team. Robot goes out of the base, do missions:

  1. M11 - Escape Velocity
  2. M13 - Observatory 

and stays on the field. It's a common practice for the competitors to left the robot on the field after the last run. This allows them to do some important points at the end of the match. 

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  • 13 May 2019
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The Attachment

For the last run, the attachment is a little bigger, but definitely not complicated. There is something like tower, on the last floor of which is a platform connected with mechanism to one of the motors. On this platform the team places a payload, the important here is that the used payload must be very heavy. The Nightbeast team used five steal balls in their payload. The other "thing" solves the observatory mission.It's something like a lever, which expands after the robot starts, because it's very long. This lever pushes the arrow of the observatory. We can't say for sure in which area (white or orange) will the pointer be, because actually it depends on the model. If the model is very free in it's movement it's also possible to go out of the point area. Most of the times pointer is moved to the orange sector. Something smart about this attachment is that it is not dragging on the floor. The attachment has small wheels that allows easy movement on the field even with the heavy payload.

The Program

This is maybe the simplest program. Like in the other programs and situations, here we also have shifted gravity center. For the movement in the beginning is used that the left side of the robot and the wall are flat. So it's ok to use wall as an aligning method for the route to the model. The tricky that after a second there is a hard stop. This stop is to use the inertia moment and allows the "lever" to fall down and to be ready to push the Observatory pointer. Other movement is quite clear - robot goes forward, motor pulls the platform back and the payload falls. There is no blocks that returns the robot in the base, because it is the last run and robot stays on the field.

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