Rubber bands, gear wheels and motors attachment for solving FLL 2013 Truck and Ambulance (part 3) Pro Preview

Previously we caught the Truck with two rubber bands. The next step was to lift it. For lifting we used the Medium LEGO Mindstorms EV3 motors. In this video we are extending the attachment so that we could catch also the Ambulance. In forth video we would explore how to release both vehicles after transporting them.

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  • 17 Oct 2015
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The robot attachment is again pinless. The robot moves, catches the vehicles, and lifts them. For the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Nature's Fury mission the robot should also transport them to a specific region the competition field.

Previous videos:


Ambulance and Truck Robot Attachment

Grab and Lift an Ambulance Robot Attachment

Building instructions for a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Ambulance Robot Attachment for the FIRST LEGO League 2013 Nature's Fury robotics competition.    The attachment grabs the ambulance car and slightly lifts it. The rubber bands help with triggering the attachment at the right time

Ambulance and Truck Robot Attachment

If you take a look at the videos for this attachment you will see a nice idea on taking the track and the ambulance. These two vehicles from the FIRST LEGO League 2013 competition had to be collected and returned back to base.

Built from LEGO Mindstorms EV3 parts. 


- In the previous video from the series we finished off with building an attachment that was added to the robot and we could lift the 2013 First Lego League Nature's Fury competition model, the truck. And now we can move and take the truck back to the yellow region. Today we are improving this competition attachment so that we can also take the ambulance. As you've probably already figured out, the whole ambulance is pretty similar to the truck. Because both the truck and the ambulance, they are basically the same shape, they look the same and the whole challenge is the same, the whole mission is the same. So if we can find a way to add a similar attachment to this one here but on the other side of the robot, we could take both the truck and the ambulance. And we've added this attachment which is basically the same attachment with a few modifications. First, I'll add the rubber band right here. Then I'll load it. And again we have our lever that when we reach the ambulance it will catch the ambulance. So the whole attachment catches the ambulance. And now we can lift the ambulance and bring it to the yellow region which is quite interesting. The only modification that we did to the previous attachment...let me just take it off...are actually the following. These are both attachments. And on the first attachment for the truck we have a different set of beams for catching the truck. And here we have of course other sets of parts. But the principle is the same. And the other small difference is this black part here. But it's needed for the truck because the truck also has some cargo. And we don't want the cargo to fall from the truck when we lift the truck. That's why we have this black part here. But it's basically the same attachment. Again you can find the instructions below the video for both attachments and for their modifications. Let's now see them in action on the robot. We have the EV3 competition robot from episode 58. This one here. And we have the attachment. Let me just show it to you. Again we have the motor in front of the robot and we have the attachment. There is a series on these attachments and it's called the active attachment for changing gear's orientation. More information below the video in the links. Now we add this attachment to our robot like this. We have one gear wheel on the right side and one small gear wheel on the left side. And we add both attachments so first the one on the right side like this. And then the other one on the left side like this. So this is our whole large attachment separated in three blocks. First, the right attachment for the ambulance then the left attachment for the truck and the middle attachment that is actually transferring power from the motor to both attachments. Now if we have the ambulance like this. And we have the truck...this is some of the cargo on the this. We now program the robot. It moves on the field. It reaches the truck and the ambulance. And when we reach them, we catch them. First probably the truck then the ambulance like this, and then we continue moving from the field. And when we decide, we give some power to the motor like this. There is an axle that is not connected. And we lift both the ambulance and the truck. And it's only enough to lift them about a millimeter from the mat so that we can move them. Now the next question is how do we release the ambulance and the truck when we want to leave them in the yellow region.

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