SP048. 2019-09-15

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[Bug, IS] Cannot use mouse controls in 737 lasts step.

I have made the range (-90,90) exclusive.

@martgrozev знаеш ли за робот при който имаш -135 за да видя какво се случва тогава и да знам дали само при 90 се случва или като цяло за други?

Sp46: [FLL-2019-2020] Prepare Building Instructions for FIRST LEGO League-2019-2020 mission models

All the materials for the FIRST LEGO League 2019-2020 are uploaded at FLLCasts and are constructed.

These are available at https://www.fllcasts.com/competitions/first-lego-league/2019-city-shaper-challenge/mission-models-building-instructions-for-first-lego-league-fll-2019-city-shaper-challenge


[Subscriptions-1.1] Can't add subscriptions users to subscription when the current locale is :bg

Fixed a bug where when attempting to add a user to a subscription, with the locale set to bg, the modal for selecting which user to add wouldn't pop up.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 1 CRANE of level 2.0

Lesson 1 - Crane from course 2.0 is now improved with teacher's note about solutions of tasks in the lesson, new tasks and with added attachments for the robot.

The lesson demonstrates how cranes work, and helps practice programming with multiple sensors. These sensors are used, so the user can manipulate the crane with a controller and differently colored "flags".


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 2 Differential of level 2.0

Lesson 2 - Differential from course 2.0 is now improved with a new direction. The lesson teaches about differentials and the way cars deal with slipping wheels. You can fine a new robot, new attachment, new teacher's note about solutions of tasks in the lesson, and new tasks.


[Curriculum-1.0] Update 626-Umjaho and delete 859-Umjaho

Updated Umjaho - the relay line following robot built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 so that the back doesn't break so easily.

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 3 Messenger Robot of level 2.0

Lesson 3 is created in level 2.0.

The lesson teaches about importing MyBlocks and starting position. The students build a robot with a color wheel on the front, so that it can play a version of the telephone game with other robots. The lesson is still only in Bulgarian, but it will be translated soon.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 4 warehouse robots of level 2.0

Lesson 4 is created in level 2.0.

The lesson teaches about reflected light intensity and port view. The students build a car robot so that it can follow a line and also detect other robots on the line, so that it can pass them the cake parts. The lesson is still only in Bulgarian, but it will be translated soon.

Cake Maths

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 5 Robo Car of level 2.0

Lesson 5 is created in level 2.0.

The lesson teaches about three state line following. The students build a car robot so that it can follow a line smoothly with 3 states. The lesson is still only in Bulgarian, but it will be translated soon.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 2 of level C1

Lesson 2 - Offroad truck is now improved with more pictures, a storyline and teacher's note about solutions of tasks in the lesson.

The lesson demonstrates how a truck with 3 free-turning wheels behaves and shows the need for a differential in automobiles. Slipping is introduced as a term and the truck is given the task to pass-through an offroad terrain.

Offroad Truck

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 3 of level C1

Lesson 3 - Differential from course C1 was updated. A new robot was added named Francesco 2. This robot is similar to Francesco, but with the difference of having a locking mechanism for the rear wheel differential. In this lesson, the students can learn about car wheel slipping, and the ways engineers have gone around such problems when designing cars.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 6 Conveyor belt of level 2.0

Lesson 6 - Conveyor Belt from course 2.0 is now improved with a new direction. The lesson teaches about recycling and cleaning after ourselves.

The lesson demonstrates how a conveyor for trash works and helps develop the mechanical skills of the students. Tasks meant to help the students bound and work together were added to this lesson.

Garbage decomposing

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 7 Recreational Volleyball of level 2.0

7. Lesson 7 - Recreational Volleyball from course 2.0 is now improved with a new direction. The lesson teaches about volleyball, sport, and health.

As the final lesson from the course, this lesson is focused on practicing what was learned. It teaches the students about sports, good health programs, and about good and bad dietary habits.


[Curriculum-1.1] Improvement plan for level C1 "Transportation"

New version of level C1 is published as the fifth level of the curriculum. It replaces the old level and slows down the pacing of the old level. The corresponding certificate template was also updated. The Teach at School curriculum overview page was also updated.

For the first time robots with steering wheels are built in this level. Those robots use one or two drive motors. The work of the differential and its usage in vehicles is explored. Students learn in-depth the working of the light sensor to create better line-following programs. The first two-wheeled motorcycle-robot is built.

boomer robot level thumbnail

[FLL-2019-2020] Prepare a Tips and Trick digest

Digest is prepared. AB testing is setup for animations and no animations in the digest

Animations https://www.fllcasts.com/digest_messages/291?preview=html https://www.fllcasts.com/digest_messages/292?preview=html

No Animations https://www.fllcasts.com/digest_messages/293?preview=html https://www.fllcasts.com/digest_messages/294?preview=html

Will be send tomorrow on wednesday

[Fll-2019-2020] Create a competition Box robot with a X-Y axis moving platform.

The robot is at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/865-kamak-box-robot


General for Subscriptions-1.1

It is now possible to get subscription for the Teacher and the students on demand and we've migrate to Fastspring Pop-up store

General SSS 1.0 - Subscriptions for Students at School 1.0

It is now possible to add subscriptions on demand and to buy them. It should be greatly improved, but it is possible

[Groups] User name labels to become Student name labels

Changed the info, label and placeholder for the user name field on the groups#show page when registering a new user so it's clearer for the users which name they should enter there

[Groups, Platform] Add group name title in groups/:id/supervise

Added back the name of the group along with its manual group enrollment information on the groups/:id/supervise page.

[Groups-1.0] Can't destroy a group user if it has an unconfirmed user attached

Fixed a bug which occurred when destroying a group_user whose user is unconfirmed.

[Groups-1.0] General Groups 1.0

Groups-1.0 is released and we are able to administer its groups.

[Groups-1.1] Implement ajax-datatables for the groups#supervise page

Implemented better tables on the groups#supervise page which are for the users in the group and waitlisted users.

[Groups-1.1] Split the groups supervise tables in separate sheets

Split the groups->supervise page tables in seperate sheets so it's less clumped up

[Platform, Subscriptions-1.1] Warn users they will lose access if they remove themselves from the subscription.

Added a confirmation message to the subscriptions users table when a user is removing himself from the subscription, so that he doesn't accidentally lose access.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Have a good invitation template for students to log in

Made it so there's a [text field containing the email] Screenshot 2019-08-16 at 10.38.25.png the user will receive when he gets added to a subscription via the subscriptions_users index page.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Implement ajax-datatables for the subscriptions_users#index page

Removed the old table from the subscriptions_users index page and implemented a better one in its place

[Subscriptions-1.1] Refresh subscriptions users table on error

Removed the old table from the subscriptions_users index page and implemented a better one in its place

[Subscriptions-1.1] Add all user from a group to a subscription

Made it so you can subscribe all the enrolled users from a given group to the same subscription.

[Subscriptions-1.1] Revise and develop proper documentation for the subscriptions adapters

Тук аз направих преглед на документацията и написах няколко допълнителни обяснения преди няколко седмици. Смятам я за приключена

[Teach-at-school-2.0] Subscriptions page have a pop-up for teachers subscription and add more for adding students

The page allows for quick purchase of the teacher account. It is with a pop-up button on the subscription store


[Curriculum-1.0, Image] Add vecteezy image to tutorial in lesson 7 from course 2.0



[Curriculum-1.0, Image] Add a picture from vecteezy to lesson 3 from course C1 and lesson 2 from course 2.0



[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add a picture from vecteezy to intro section of lesson 2 from C1



[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Add vecteezy picture to lesson 6 from course 2.0



[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 864



[FLL-2019-2020, Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 865.



[Picture] Create picture for introduction in lesson 4 level 2.0