SP043. 2019-06-30

TL;DR; Summary by Kiril

Below each tutorial and material you could now see the lessons and courses in which it is used. You can visit these lessons and courses for a complete experience with structured tasks


We've revised levels A1 and 1.0 with improved tasks, materails and tutorials. For Learn-at-home-2.0 we've created programs and tutorials for many of the 4 additional robots. There are 5 lessons available for summer camps.

On the Groups management in the platform we've made small improvements. Teachers could now generate passwords for the students.

Table of contents


[Curriculum-1.0] Duplicate Challenges reused from A1 and A2 to 1.0

Lessons 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 from course 1.0 will no longer have invisible challenges. They were all duplicated and added as part of course 1.0 Link to course 1.0: https://fllcasts.com/bg/courses/92-robotics-with-lego-level-10-adventure-in-space

[Curriculum-1.0] Create tutorial how to enter lesson for academy student

A tutorial explaining how to navigate in FLLCasts was created. It includes 3 videos showing how a user can log in, how two users can log in, and how to find the course the user is enrolled in. Click here to view tutorial

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 1 in course 1.0

Lesson one is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

It covers movement forward and backward with lots of teacher's notes how to properly start the class with students.

yo yo

[Curriculum-1.0] Add programs to teacher notes

Programs for the robots are now linked in all lessons in Levels D1 and D2 in the Teacher's Notes.

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 3 in course 1.0

Lesson 3 is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

The lesson practices turns. Students must navigate around meteors and then clear landing zone with movement in a square.

challenge field

[Curriculum-1.0] What exemplary solutions to tasks we need in A1 and A2?

Lesson 3 from course A1 received a Teacher's Note with the solutions for its tasks.

Lesson 6 from course A1 received a Teacher's Note with the solutions for its tasks.

Lesson 7 from course A1 received solutions for its tasks in one of its Teacher's Notes.

Lesson 1 from course A2 received a Teacher's Note with the solutions for its tasks.

Lesson 4 from course A2 received solutions for its tasks in one of its Teacher's Note.

Lesson 5 from course A2 received solutions for its tasks in one of its Teacher's Note.

Lesson 6 from course A2 received solutions for its tasks in one of its Teacher's Note.

Lesson 7 from course A2 received a Teacher's Note with the solutions for its tasks.

[Curriculum-1.0] Add storyline to Course A1 Lesson 6

Added story and more student engagement in the structure of lesson 6 from A1.

[Curriculum-1.0] Description, thumbnail and certificate for level 1.0

The following description was generated: "The first level of the Robotics with LEGO curriculum for students in fifth to twelfth grades.

Various constructions with robots are built. Learn how to control the motors so that the robot navigates around the Moon and Earth in various ways. Getting to know the first two sensors. The robot can feel its surroundings with the help of the Touch sensor and avoid obstacles. The Ultrasonic distance sensor can help the robot avoid obstacles. Students work with concepts like loop, degrees and medium motor. Robots can now do two different actions at the same time - while solving missions on a field, the third motor clears detected obstacles."

It is now visible in the level 1.0 Adventure in Space and in the teach at school curriculum page As well as in our certification system as template version in Retiffy.com

[Curriculum-1.0] D2 lesson 5 aftermath

Updated Lesson 5 from D2 with feedback from held lessons.

[Curriculum-1.0] Level D2 Lesson 4 Aftermath

Updated Lesson 4 from D2 with feedback from held lessons and published a program for the robot. link to the program

[Curriculum-1.0] Level D2 Lesson 3 Aftermath

Improved lesson with feedback from held lessons and created a program for the robot. link to the program

[Curriculum-1.0] D2 lesson 1 Aftermath

Thumbnail for lesson 1 level D2 Created the first lesson in level D2. The topic of the lesson is making a pedalo robot to learn about Gyro sensor. The students have variant tasks for making the pedalo follow a school of fish. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. link to the lesson link to the robot link to the program

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 6 in course 1.0

Lesson 6 is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

The lesson introduces the loop block, the first way to optimize a program. The tasks in the lesson are to make the robot go in a square and to find its way out of a labyrinth, using the ultrasonic sensor.


[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 5 in course 1.0

Lesson 5 is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

The lesson teaches ultrasonic sensor and the difference between centimeters and inches.


[Curriculum-1.0] A:4 Teacher's Notes with solutions

Lesson 4 from course A1 received a Teacher's Note with the solutions for its tasks.

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 4 in course 1.0

Lesson 4 is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

The lesson teaches the first sensor in the set - Touch sensor and students program the robot to avoid obstacles and even to follow a tunnel/labyrinth with known order of turns.

mars rover

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 7 in course 1.0

Lesson 7 is created in level 1.0 Adventure in Space.

The last lesson of the level is shorter and introduces games with the students and the robots. Students also learn about parallel actions and about the third motor. The first treaded robot is built.


[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Obstacles in a square, SLALOM and start line for lesson 1.0:3


Landing Zone

[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add picture to lesson 6 from course A1



[FLL-7.0] Motivational quotes from the errors and bloopers of the recordings

We've published all 5 videos for the Bloopers YouTube Campaign. Here is the Playlist:


[Learn-at-home-2.0] Build Ninja motorcycle and create programs for it.

The program is located at: https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/509rwo-ninja-motorcycle-program

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Turn Ninja into Shotgun and create programs for it.

The program is located at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/3mb04p-shotgun-motorcycle-program

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Build Handlebar motorcycle and create programs for it.

The program si at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/71wb46-handlebar-motorcycle-program

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Build Rider motorcycle and create programs for it.

The programs are at https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/rb9g57-rider-motorcycle-program

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Develop section and program for Iqazator robot

A new lessons for a robot a day including the Iqazator tank robot is available.


It has a few basic tasks a long with Bonus tasks.

FLLCasts tank image

FLLCasts LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Iqazator Robot

[Summer-camps-1.0] Handle Lukasz contribution of a WeDo course

We've published a new Introduction to robotics course using LEGO WeDo 2.0. It is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/courses/90-robotics-introduction-with-lego-wedo-2-0

WeDo course

It contains 8 different materials and programs prepared for them









[Summer-camps-1.0] Publish Ikhantir tutorial

Tutorial on how the robot works as an Aircraft carrier is published at https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1358-how-does-iknathir-aircraft-carrier-robot-from-lego-mindstorms-ev3-work

LEGO Aircraft carrier

[Summer-camps-1.0] Publish Crane lesson for summer camps course

Tutorial on how a LEGO Mindstorms Crane called Cron works is published at https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1359-how-does-crone-the-lego-mindstrorms-ev3-crane-robot-work

LEGO Mindstorms Crane

[Summer-camps-1.0] Publish Volleyball tutorial

Tutorial is published at https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1360-how-to-play-volleyball-with-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robots Two robots are playing volleyball together.

LEGO Mindstorms Volleyball EV3 Robots

[Summer-camps-1.0] Publish Telephone Game tutorial

The tutorial for a cooperation telephone game with LEGO mindstorms EV3 robots is available published at


Telephone Game FLLCasts with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robots

[Summer-camps-1.0] Add a new tag for Sports

New tag created for robots that are playing sports


Image for sports


[Content-Creation-2.0] Allow for 20MB files to be uploaded for content picture

Upload size limit for content pictures is now 20MB.

[Content-Creation-2.0] The navigation pane on some course_sections goes bellow of the content instead of next to it.

We talked why the NRC was broken. We must have a way to prevent this, but for now we must be cautious.

[Groups-1.0] Small UI Improvements

Several small improvements were made: - If the form for a new group is opened automatically on the groups index page, it is focused automatically. - In the form for a new group there is a link to the Markdown syntax. It is now opened in a new tab. - Group index table now changes its columns' widths automatically when the data in the table changes. - When inviting a group user to the group, the student name's field now appears before the username field. This makes more sense because the username is automatically generated from the student's name.

[Groups-1.0] Add more userdetails for coordinators

When supervising the group. You can see information about the phone number of the parent of the student and the name of the parent of the students.

[Groups-1.0] Allow teachers to generate a password for the student on the groups users add page

When adding a user to a group on the supervise group page, you can now press the "Generate password" button and generate a password automatically.

Generate password

[Groups-1.0] Info message on what is the username

An info message about usernames has been added to the group supervise page when adding a new user.

[Groups-1.0] Clear up the terminology of enrollment, group user and starting a course book

"Enroll" is now the terminology used for groups- you enroll in a group or you get enrolled in a group. "Begin course" is the terminology for starting a course and "Withdraw from course" is the terminology used for when a user wants to leave a course.

[Groups-1.0] Send password to student when adding it to a group and setting its password

Made it so when a user invites a new user to the platform through the group supervise page and specifies the new users password, the password will be included in the email.

[Groups-1.0, i18n] When registering to a group an error occurred - "Email already belonged to another user"


Грешка: Имейл already belongs to another user. Try to register another account for this email from the Dashboard. -> Is gone from the code. It does not occur no more.

Потребителско име is already taken. Please try another username. -> Is translated

User password confirmation не съответства на потвърждението -> Is translated

[Platform, Academies] migrate Academies subscriptions to new model

All academies have individual subscriptions with 10 years validity and "School teacher" level access. Gabrovo and Vidin were skipped.

Current summer subscriptions were set to "School Student" level access. Older School one year were not sought and not updated.

[Search, Bug] Search for "Box Robot Two Push/Pull Attachment with a Rack" misses the material

Tried it today. It works. Considering it complete based on the other changes in the search.

[Search, Bug] Search for "camel" does not return result

Camel is now working. Correct material is returned.

[Subscriptions-1.1, Refactor] Remove owner method from subscription

Removed Subscription#owner because a subscription can have more than one owner, which the method did not take into account.

[Subscriptoins-1.1, Bug] Max users for new subscription is not saved

Fixed a bug where creating a new subscription with a specific amount of maxusers wouldn't take into account the passed in value for the maxusers

[Tutorials, Bug] Implement a good preview for course sections that is shown below a tutorial

Below tutorials, programs, materials and nonreusable contents there is a section that shows the course and course section that the current content is being referred in.


[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Create and add images to tutorial 1355


Pirate ships

[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Fix picture for tutorials about arc turn

https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1334-arc-turn-with-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robots https://fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/383-ev3-phi-motor-tank-block-in-mindstorms-ev3-g-software


[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture to introduction in A1 Lesson 7


Robots Fllcasts

[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Create pictures explaining how to control arc turn




[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Materials 377 Update thumbnail for space exploration robot



[Groups-1.0, Thumbnail] Create mother and son thumbnail for tutorial 1347


Thumbnail for 1347

[Robopartans] Creating a commercial video

We've created a short commercial video for Robopartans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfFlvigDBBA