SP029. 2018-11-30

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New lessons in Course C2 and improvements in course C1. Implementation for Manual Group Enrollment in groups. Users can manually enroll in groups. Implementation of adding users to a group and in the same time to a subscription to allow for a teacher to share a subscription with a student, or a teacher to pay for a student subscription.

Backlog Priority

[Exception] subscriptions#deactivate "Validation failed: Username can't be blank"

When deactivating a subscription for user without a username, then an error was occurring. Error is now fixed

[M2, Access] Not authorized for materials API

The access to the materials from Robopartans M2 is again authorized and materials could be shown in M2 Moodle system

[Categories, Bug] An error occurred in categories/show:

It has a removed distinct clause that was causing an error. Will fix and reimplement in another task.

[Bug,Partner] undefined method "validforauthentication?"

Log in of partner was not working because of a wrong implementation. Currently fixed

[Platform] LEGO Gear digest wrong urls

An email for LEGO Gears was containing wrong urls. Urls fixed and user could not follow the links to the FLLCasts Platform


[Image] Create an image showing the counter weight of a crane as well as its' jib

Picture with counter weight created

Picture for crane

[Images] Update picture for material 418.

New picture because the robot was updated

Picture of 418

[Content] Level C2 Lesson 1

First lesson for LEGO Mindstorms course C2 created


[Content] Develop a plan for level C2

We have a pretty interesting plan of how level C2 will look like. Will soon be released

[3dAI] Upload IKEA

IKEA Billy is now uploaded


Picture of billy

[Digest, Course] Add detachable modules to the SUV Box robot course and schedule a digest

This detachable module is shown in:


It is used in the tutorial


A digest was send about it.

Picture of detachable module

[Content, Levels] Level C1: Steering and drive motors vocabulary material

Introduce new vocabulary to students in the C1 LEGO Mindstorms course


This will be translate in english in



[Organizations, Subscription, SoftwareScenario1] Create a new subscription plan that is "School student" to which school student subscribes

New FLLCasts School Student One Year plan created for $96. It is used when teachers direct students to subscribe to the platform when joining a group.

[Subscriptions] Software Scenario 1 - School subscribes Students

We've created a detailed plan of how "School student subscription" should be implemented

[Groups] Assign students to groups and enroll in courses - General

Enrolling students in courses on group enroll will happen with an assignment. It is plan for the next sprints.

[Organizations 1.0] Delete Subscription Group Migration

Subscriptions and Groups are now detached. You could have a group without subscription and all the groups are migrated to organizations. The migration logic is deleted

[MGE 1.0] Publicly Show groups created for a given organization

When visiting an organization you could see all the groups of this organization

[MGE 1.0] Allow for manual enroll into a group up until a date

When a group is created that allows manual group enrollment people will be able to enroll in the group up until the end date of manual group enrollment. After than they are added in a waitlist

[MGE 1.0] Group does not show students in the group publicly

The students part of a group are not shown publicly. They are visible only to the instructor of the group.

[Organizations 1.0] Implement a breadcrumb in the groups showing that the group is part of the organization

When visiting a group one could see a breadcrumb containing a link and name of the organization in which the group is. It is in the form "Organization Name-> Group"

[Organization 1.0] Prevent adding the same person twice in an organization

The same person can not be added twice in an organization

[Platform] Create a page listing all materials available with Personal A subscription

The new page is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/articles/personal-a-and-personal-b-building-instructions

This page is fixed as of November 30. In the future we have to update the page manually

[Platform] Show unpublished materials and tutorials within a course.

When creating a course part of the materials, tutorials and other content could still be unpublished. We are showing the unpublished content under the course. Content creators could see this and decide whether to publish the content or no

[IS Events] Filter by uuid

All the events could be filtered by uuid. This means we could show specific events for specific building instruction. Still not available on the user UI. Thinking about it.

[Fix, Notifications] Create a notification on user added to group

When a user is added to the group, he/she receives a proper notification in the upper right notifications.

[MGE 1.0] Receive a mail from the organization on enrollment

The user receives and email from the organization when he/she is added to a group of this organization. This allows for a cleaner and more direct communication between the organization and it's students

[Administration, Academies] Enroll all students in levels

All the students from the Bulgaria academies are now enrolled in groups and ready for the second parts of the course

[MGE 1.0] Max group capacity

Each group that allows Manual Group Enrollment now has a Max Group capacity

[MGE 1.0] Show free spaces in a group

The number of free spaces in a group is shown on the group page

[Groups] Implement direct confirmation of the student by the teacher that adds the student to the subscription

A teacher to add a student in a group and directly confirm this student without the need for the student to visit the links in the email. This allows for a teacher to add a student to a group without waiting for the parent to check the email

[Groups] Ask students to subscribe when they are added to the a group and they don't have a subscription

When students are added to a group, if they do not have a subscription than the platform will ask them to subscribe in the email.

[Groups, SoftwareScenario1] Rename "Add Group User" to "Enroll new user"

The button "Add Group User" was renamed to "Enroll new user" This more clearly shows the intention of the button

[Groups, SoftwareScenario1] "Create new user with this email" should be renamed

The button is now "Invite user by email" This shows more clearly the intention of the button

[Groups, SoftwareScenario1] Show all my available subscriptions when I add a user to the group

Since a teacher could have more than one subscription, he/she could add the student to more than one subscription. The teacher could now choose.

[Groups] Fix the issue of ticket 439820 - Delete the user from the group if the user is not confirmed and just invited

When a teacher makes a mistake when adding a student to a group, the teacher should be allowed to undo this mistake. If the user was just invited, than the teacher should be allowed to delete the user. Probably the teacher made a mistake by entering a wrong email


[Image] Create a thumbnail for material 577


Picture of dump truck

[Image] Create a thumbnail for level C2

Course is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/courses/27-robotics-with-lego-level-c2

Picture of course C2

[Images] Create thumbnail for material 576


Picture created

Picture of crane

[Billy, Ikea] Picture for the material 574

Picture for the ikea Billy is online

Picture for Billy

[IRT, Images] Edit the schedules image

Brand new schedule uploaded for the Instructors Remote Course for the LEGO Mindstorms Training.

Picture for training

[IRT, Images] Create an image for the Dummy My Block

Program is at - https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/fwr42n-lego-mindstorms-ev3-dummy-my-block

Picture is:

Picture of dummy block

[Images] Create an image of the unbalanced crane

Pictures available in course section


Picture of unbalanced crane

Picture 2


[Subscribers] Propose a new model for instructions

Content instructors and builders could now take advantage of the new model for building instructions. They could contribute their instructions and receive a payment. It's an experimental feature on which we are working.

[IRT, Subscribers] To be announced a new date for the teachers training.

New date for the teachers training is announced. It will be end of December