Scratch (Word Blocks) program with an a advanced algorithm for smooth line follow with Color Sensor from LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

In this program we demonstrate how to program a SPIKE robot to follow a line with the aid of a color sensor. In this program, we use the sensor value to calculate a number to feed in the "start moving" command. The numbers in this program depend highly on the size of the wheels of the robot, the distance between the wheels, the color sensor reflected light range, the wheels friction, and the speed at which the robot moves. The numbers in the program must be adjusted for every case, and are in no meaning optimal to use as is, in other projects.

This program was intended for and tested on the Gazon robot

How to open?

Programs with extension *.llsp could be opened with version 2 of the LEGO Scratch Word Blocks software. It is also known as 'SPIKE Legacy'. You can download it from LEGO website. You can also visit to use it online Note that this programs are incompatible with version 3 of the software.

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  • 10 Aug 2022

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