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FLL 2021: 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish the Home Delivery mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial, where we demonstrate the consistency and reliability of an attachment activated when we reach the mission model. We do not use a motor. We activate the attachment by pushing the robot to the mission model of the FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 Cargo Connect Home Delivery Mission.

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  • 04 Apr 2023
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In this video tutorial we accomplish the home delivery mission where we must bring this cargo, this yellow cargo, to the home delivery mission model and at the end of the mission we must have the model inside of this where part of the home delivery mission model. What we did is we built a really interesting attachment and it's a ten out of ten tutorials where we demonstrate the consistency and reliability. Let's now see how do we accomplish this mission. First try, we get the yellow card code directly into the home delivery mission model. The interesting thing here in this mission is not the program. The program is not very difficult. It's just move forward as we've seen the tutorial and then move back. What's interesting is the attachment and how simple and how reliable this attachment is. It's an attachment that's on the front of the robot and it's configurable, which means that we can change the position of this attachment depending on, let's say, other attachments that are also on our robot. When we approach the mission model, we can use the border and we can keep the robot aligned to the border, which gives us additional benefit of more consistency and reliability for the robot. The attachment itself is a simple lever where we move and the lower part it will push on the lever and the upper part will drop the cargo into the mission model. We can also change the position of the attachment and you can see that we've been repeating this and I think it's like the 10-th run. It's pretty stable. Now we can also change and place the attachment on the blue beam and if you've seen the tutorial, we use it for extending the place where we place the attachment.

Let's try again. You see here how at a certain point the robot started going a little bit to the right. What we need to do there is we need to find a way to keep the robot aligned because in this simple program we are not using any sensors. The goal here was to demonstrate the attachment. If we want to make the robot a little bit more consistent and reliable, we of course need to use the sensors. For this specific recording what we do, we use the border, we keep the robot aligned to the border. But in a real competition program, what you should do is you should use sensors and by using the sensor you keep a straight line like motion sensor that we've discussed in LEGO education. SPIKE prime prime programming for Competition. One more try. You see how that if we place the robot a little bit to the side, it goes even more to the side and goes to the right side. Definitely use sensors in this program there are no sensors. It's simply demonstration of the attachment.

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