Different issues with burning the image on an SD Card Pro Preview

Let's list what are the different issues that might occur when burning the image on the SD card. 

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  • 19 Feb 2018


Probably there is not enough space.

Not enough space

The image is about 7.7 GB. Some 8 GB cards are manufactured in a way that there is only 7.6GB of space on them. Yes. Manufacturers are lying. You should get used to it. They will try all kinds of marketing tricks to sell you something with almost the features that you need, but not entirely. A quick solution is to buy a 16GB SD card (that will have approximately 15.4GB of space, but we already know that manufacturers are lying to us, don't we :)) 


Perfect Course SD Card Image with Raspbian OS

This is a disk image containing a Raspbian OS. The image is modified and set up specifically for the Perfect course. It contains all the needed files, libraries and additional tools that we would use in the course. The file is quite large so be prepared to wait some time while downloading.

Checksum: 4d85292f49a9350fcef9f2eb8fd86b77f1c6bd65ce1344848de3e201c9e1d20d

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