Tetrix FTC. Tools and example for cutting a pipe Pro Preview

This robotics tutorial is about the different tools that you could use to collect the balls in a pipe on a FIRST Technical Challenge competition.

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  • 16 Jun 2017
  • 2:27

Tools for cutting

Drill, grinding stones, hacksaw. This are just some of the mandatory tools that you need and in the video, we would show you how to use them


For safety, you should prepare glasses. Gloves are an option but should be generally avoided with grinding stone.

FTC cut template for a pipe to collect and store balls

Drawing on how to cut a pipe to be able to collect and store balls in this pipe. The sheet format is ISO A4 and the drawing size is real (100% scale)


In this video I would like to discuss some of the tools that we need to use to cut the pipe to its length and with a specific shape in order to collect the balls with the FIRST Technical Challenge PushBot. So, we'll take a look at some of the tools and how we use them. First, we start with a drill. For this pipe and to cut and to make a good shape on this pipe we need a drill and for this drill we need some grinding stones like this. And you can find them in your local shops, different shops for tools and this is how it looks like. So, it's a grinding stone. And we have two of them but we'll probably use just one of them. We also need this hacksaw and for this video we bought a new one specifically because the old one was looking terrible and again you can find it in your local shops for different tools. We need some measuring device like a roulette and this one measures in centimeters. We also need some safety glasses because we'll use a drill and we need to put some safety glasses on our eyes and these are plastic safety glasses. And we need two other things specifically for the shape that we want to achieve with the pipe. We need a large piece of paper

that we'll use for a nice trick when measuring you'll see in the video. And we need a template for cutting. Now, you can download this template directly below the video and in some of the more advanced videos we'll discuss how you prepare such a template with a software and how you measure the exact dimensions of this template. But for now you have the template ready. And this is what we need for cutting the pipe. And we also have some material right here that we place on the table. And we'll cut over this material in order to preserve the table. Okay, in the next video we'll start with actually cutting the pipe.

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