VEX IQ Crossover. Teacher Note. Extending to a triple attachment Pro Preview

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  • 07 Jul 2017
  • 2:29


A note for the teacher on how to organize the class when the students in the different groups are trying to extend this double attachment to a triple attachment. We provide the building instructions for a single attachment, for a double attachment and what you should try to do is direct students to experiment and to build a triple attachment as we have discussed in the video for the students. The goal of this task is to make them think in terms of modules. So, you have a single module, a second module and then you connect these two modules and then you build a third module and them you connect this third module to the first two. And in this way you have the modularity of the construction. And if the construction is modular, it is much more easier to build, to maintain, to develop, to improve and to solve different challenges with this modular attachment. And the different modules can then be replicated for other missions or for other competitions. So, what we are trying to achieve here is to make the students think in terms of modularity. How do you separate your construction in different modules? I do understand that it might be a difficult challenge. Now, it depends on the students and their experience and their age. And it's a good rule of thumb to give them like half an hour or an hour to try to experiment. Some of them will come up with a solution much more faster and then what we should do is actually attach this whole attachment to a robot and try to make it work. If it all happens that some of the students do the construction very fast you can allow the others to copy the ideas from the other groups. And that's a nice sharing of knowledge. Some group that is still not ready to copy the idea from another group that is already ready. And then they have the attachments and then we can actually start solving different missions with this attachment and the mission for this attachment is pretty simple. Just grab, move and place the different objects.