Connect Tetrix Gamepads to the Motorola phones Pro Preview

In this tutorial, we connect the Motorola phones to the Tetrix controller using the USB hub.

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  • 12 Apr 2017
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The USB hub comes with the kit. The phones also come with the kit. The gamepads also come with the kit.


  1. Connect the GamePads to the hub.
  2. Start FTC App on the android phone
  3. On the GamePad press the start button and "A" at the same time. This will connect the GamePad to the phone. Do not press the start button and then "A". Press them in the same time.
  4. Verify that there is a small icon at the top of the screen of the Android phone.


The first thing that we must stop at is how do we connect the gamepads to the phone. So, with the first technical challenge set we get two phones and two gamepads and we must connect the gamepads to the phone using the USB hub. So, let's go through this process. You probably have this already set up but I'll do it nevertheless. We have the phone and with the phone we also have a USB hub. This here is the USB hub and we have the two gamepads. Now what you are doing is - we connect the phone with the USB hub. Like this. Then we connect the two gamepads to the USB hub and the idea is that on the competition you can have two drivers that are controlling the robot. And, for example, one of the drivers could be controlling the movement of the robot and the other could be controlling the manipulators like different arms or something for throwing. So, you can have two drivers. Then on the software, first on the android phone we must start the FTC software. And this is the software because we don't have the driver station running and we see it a kind of like disabled. Everything seems to be disabled and in a darker colors. But our next step is to connect the two joysticks to the driver station. Now the proper combination here is to press the start button, it's right here, along with A. And this will be gamepad 1. So, not start A, but rather start and A at the same time. And you see a small icon right here appearing. This means that the gamepad is connected to the phone and the phone could receive now different instructions from the gamepad. And I'll also connect the other one.

I'll press start and B. And you can have both phones connected. Now, it's interesting if I press start B again - nothing happens. Or start something else - nothing happens. But I could switch them. I could say that this is now the driver A because I press start + A and I could press start + B. Sorry. Start + A, this is now the gamepad 1. And here start + B and this is now gamepad 2. You see the icons at the top. Why I am stopping this? Because when I personally first tried them I was pressing start and then the button. And it should be pressed simultaneously. Both buttons at the same time. So, now we have the gamepads connected to the software on the phone. Next step - connect with the robot and start working on this robot.

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