EV3 Phi. Teacher's Note. When to use Tank, Large and Steering Block Pro Preview

How important is it to have predictable behavior in your classes.

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  • 29 Apr 2017
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There is no predictability when using the Steering block. We don't want to teach our students always to find values with trial and error. We want to be able to teach them the principle that lies behind a certain behavior of the robot. With Steering block, we can't do so, and that is why we use it only for moving straight.


A short note for the teacher on why we are using steering for moving forward, tank for steering and large motor for pivot turns. We've done tens of thousands of classes with students and in most of these groups when you use the steering block for steering what happens is that you introduce some uncertainty in the way the whole robot behaves. And it's difficult for the students to use this block because you can't actually set the correct values as you wish them and guess them and learn them and they are not in a linear relationship when you set the values of the steering block. This makes the whole steering block very difficult to use in classes. Yes, if you just want to do some steering, just move right, this could happen with the steering block but when it comes to solving different tasks to some kind of precision using the steering block is very very difficult. And that's our note. Try to use the blocks in class as you've taught them. First, for moving forward and backward - the steering block. Then for arc turns and spin turns - the tank block. And finally, for pivot turns like this one here use the large motor. And it will make the whole process of working in class much more easier and much more pleasant.

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