Improving FLL Robot Game. Task. Lift with a Rack

Build a rack and try to lift the robot with this rack. 

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  • 05 May 2017
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Rack for the front

Place the rack at the front of the robot and try to lift the front of the robot

A Rack for each side

Build more racks for the different sides of the robot and try to lift the whole robot. 


Rack attachment for lifting built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This construction demonstrates one way of using а rack with a gear wheel. It allows to turn circular motion in to a liniar one.


Here is a task again. First, construct a rack not like this one. Try to improvise, try to do it yourself without any building instructions and build a rack. You should have the straight part of the rack along with a small gear wheel - black gear wheel. And you transfer some motion to the gear wheels, to the axle on which the gear wheels are connected and you move the rack up and down. And we've built many racks on so you can also check them out. What you should do is to have the rack at the front of the robot. First task: Build a rack for the front of the robot and then you move to a certain position and lift just the front of the robot. When you are ready with this try to construct 4 different racks. They might be the same but try to build them in different ways as an exercise. Or if you have some of your classmates and probabaly they've built some of the racks, you can use them. What you should do is to attach 4 different racks to the 4 sides of the robot and as you have them at the 4 sides of your robot move forward with your robot and lift the whole robot. And then of course because this will be very interesting send us a video of your robot, send us pictures to see your racks and to share them with the rest of the community at

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