How to build a 3D LEGO Mindstorms Model using LDraw (part 2)

In the first part we built our first 3D LEGO model. Today we will smooth the model we have created and go through the process of creating PDF instructions for building it.

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  • 01 Nov 2013
  • 5:51

In the tutorial we use LDDesignPad and LPub. You can download LDDesignPad here. LDDesignPad is a text editor for creating 3D LEGO models using LDraw. You can use it to smooth your model, as we are using it in this episode, or even to create a model.

LPub comes with the installation of LDraw. It creates step-by-step instructions for building LEGO models. We have shown in the tutorial how you can create a PDF file using it.

Download the PDF file created in the video from the materials tab.