Task: Don't be rude, wait a moment.

Using Display, Sound, Wait and Move blocks together.

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  • 28 Apr 2017
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In order to be polite, you should wait for a response by the person you have just greeted.

Go to the stranger, say "hello", wait for a response, say "goodbye" and leave. Use all blocks you already know.

Try to find out how to make the robot wait for a while before leaving.

After five minutes go to the video section and see how we do it.


Your task now is the following. Not only put on the smiley face but put on a smiley face, move forward, wait for a second then greet the stranger with hello, wait for a second then greet or tell the stranger 'Bye' and then return back. Again, put on a smiley face, move forward, say 'Hello', wait for a second, say 'Bye', return back. Try to implement this task.

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