EV3 Phi. Mindstorms EV3-G software Move block. Rotations Pro Preview

There are number of settings in a Move block and now we will focus on the rotations setting

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  • 04 Feb 2017
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What a rotation is

A rotation is one full circle of the motor.

Rotations port in the Move block

The third port of the Move block is the setting for the number of "full circles" that the motor must do. The value there can be any number between -2,147,483,648 and +2,147,483,647. (yes, those are billions!)
The number of rotations can be a fraction also, for example, a rotation and a half is written as "1.5".
When we set the rotations to a negative number, e.g. minus 1 (-1) the motor will start moving backward.



The steering block that we use for moving the robot has a number of settings. We can select on/off, seconds, degrees, we can change the steering, we can change the power, we can change the number of rotations, we can select here Break at end - true/false. And we can also change the motors. In today's video we'll stop at the rotations.

Using the move steering block we can set the number of rotations that we want our motor to rotate. In this case both motors. And we can set 0, we can set 1, we can set 1000, we can even set 1.5. This means one rotation and a half. And this is the number of rotations that not the robot but the number of rotations that the motor makes. And if we want to make the motor move backward we just set -1 rotation. This means that the motor will not move forward, it will move backward. Let's download and run on our brick. As we can see the robot moves backward because we set the number of rotations to -1. But it's an interesting question again to show at the camera what's one rotation. And when we set the motor to rotate for one rotation it means that not the robot but the motor will rotate and will make a full circle. To show this on the camera I'll use this marker and I'll just place it here and now when the motor starts rotating for -1 rotation it'll rotate backward until the marker comes to the same place where it starts. So, I'll just start the program. And it's exactly the same place.

That's the meaning of a rotation. The motor will do one full circle around its axle - one rotation.

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