Task: Connect motors to the brick with cables

We will demonstrate how to connect the brick and the motors by using cables correctly and reliably.

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  • 04 Feb 2017
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Cable lengths

Any pair of cables will do. For your convenience use two cables of the same length.
There are three types of cables by length - use the optimal length for each situation. Use a short cable when the motor/sensor is close and a medium/long cable otherwise.

Output ports

The brick ports A, B, C and D are output ports. These ports send commands from the brick to the motors. This is called output.

Managing cables

Long cables must be taken special care of. Make sure they are not near tires or moving parts, as they might get tangled.
In order to force the cable to position, a simple loop is enough. Twist the cable and let the twist forces keep the cable at the desired position.

How to connect and disconnect them properly

Make sure you hear the click sound.
Always respect the default ports for each motor and sensor.


In your set find two cables. They could be of different length and use these cables to connect the motors to the brick. And you should use the output ports of the brick that are named A to D. If the cable is shorter, you can connect them directly, if the cable is longer, you should try to manage and to connect the cable in such a way that it does not interfere with the tires and the wheels. So you can just twist it and then connect.

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