VEX EDR Intro. What do we need to move the VEX EDR

Let's move with the VEX EDR robot using its motors, the wheels and some RobotC programming. We devide the program in three parts - Connect the motors, program the controller and turning.

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  • 26 Feb 2017
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In this module we'll finally do some movements with our robot. Why? Because it's fun and that's actually the main reason that we're building robots. And to learn how to move the robots we'll do a number of examples and this will be the end result. Let me just start it forward and turning. So just a few experiments with forward and turning. Now to learn how to build a robot that can move forward, turn. We need to divide the problem in three parts. First, we have to connect the motors to the controller. Then we need to program the controller with the program so that it moves forward and backward. And then we need to do some other type of programmings with some other instructions that are directing the motors to move in a different way. And this makes the whole robot turn. So that's the goal of the module. Let's start and get going and do some movements with our robot.

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