Arduino Basic Course. Blinking diode implementation and demonstration Pro Preview

As a result from the previous two videos we have a diode that is blinking. What will now happen with the diode if we remove the power and change the position of the legs.

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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These are again things to experiment with. 


The power to the diode comes from the usb cable. This is what gives power to the how microcontroller. If we remove the USB cable there will be no power and no current flowing. There are no embedded baterries on the controller to keep the diode blinking.

Change of position of the legs

The shorter leg must be connected to the ground. The longer leg to PIN 13. This is because the current flows from the longer to the shorter leg. If we change the position of the legs we would see that there is no current flowing. Remember: The current in the diode flows in only one direction. The diode is an electronic element that allows the current to flow in only one direction.





As a result from the previous few videos we have a diode that is blinking.

Yes, it took us a couple of minutes because all the different explanations but as you saw it is very very easy. A few things for this blinking diode. Now, if I just remove the power

there is no more current flowing in the system and the diode stops. If I again add the USB cable and the other end of this USB cable is connected to the computer. If I add this USB cable the diode starts blinking again. And I'll also change the legs of this diode. Remember that the shorter leg must be connected to the ground. What happens if I take the diode out. And I connect the shorter leg to pin 13.

The diode is not working because it allows the current to flow only in one direction. Again I'll change it. While changing be sure to use only port 13 and the ground. Don't use any of the other ports for now and there are reasons for this. Congratulations! You have your first blinking diode. Below the video you can find the program. You can also find the scheme of how this diode is connected to pin 13 and the ground pin.

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