Arduino Basic Course. Download and install Arduino IDE software

Arduino programs are developed with a software and this software is downloaded from the site.

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  • 15 Nov 2016
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The version that we are downloading in the episode is version 1.6.2. It's directly download from the Arduino site from the Download section. After you've downloaded the software, it's a simple installation for your specific operating system.


To download the software we need to go to the main Arduino site. It's And this is how the site looks like currently as of the day of recording the video. It might be changed in the next few weeks, months or even years. And on this site we click on Learn Arduino. You can also click on Download but let's go to Learn Arduino. We arrive as a Getting Started page and we must decide which of the versions of Arduino Software we would like to download. And as I'm currently working on a Windows machine I'll download the software for Windows. And here we can just go to the download page. And for Windows I would take the Windows Installer. On this page we can do a small contribution to Arduino but you can do this, of course. For the recording I'll just download, save the file and after the file is downloaded it's an exe file, it's an executable. You just click on this file. Next, next, next, next. And you have the Arduino installed. That's it.

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