WRO Junior-High 2015. Collecting single treasure. Full run. Part 5

In this episode we do a full run of the mission for collecting a single treasure before going into explanation on how we have programmed the robot.

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  • 16 Oct 2016
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World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) Junior-High 2015. Treasure Hunt. Review of solutions with explanations


What behaviours should the robot have:

 - count lines?

 - follow lines? 

 - detect treasure color?

 - know where the next treasure is?


- What should the robot know in order to turn and reach the next treasure?


- Previously we moved with the robot on this field and we detected the different colors for the columns and the rows. Check out links below for previous videos just to remind yourself. And now our robot is on this position and we must program it to move on the field and to collect the different treasures that are on the field. Now that's not a very easy task but it's not that difficult and for this we use a couple of new things but lets first check out the full run of this mission. From here, the starting position, to collecting the first treasure.

Now the robot is placed the next position on the brick screen and it says that it is one, two, depending on our code for the colors. Now our question for you after you've seen the full run is...and you can see below in the tasks below the video, "How many decisions must the robot make and what kind of decisions it must make in order to move from this initial position to the treasure that's located here?" Answer the questions and then continue to the next video.

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