FLL 2021: Drop precisely - 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish the Load Cargo mission Pro Preview

This is a 10 out of 10 tutorial for a complex robot attachment that does a precise drop and is auto-correcting at the same time. It has decent consistency and reliability. We drop cargo onto the train and use a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robot for this FIRST LEGO League 2021-2022 competition.

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  • 18 Apr 2023
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In this video tutorial we accomplish the load cargo mission this time ten out of ten. The goal of the mission is to load the cargo on the train. We can load it in other places. We've decided to load it on the train. The attachment is self correcting and it shakes, which is a nice trick. Let's see how consistent and reliable this trick is. We take the cargo. We load the cargo on the attachment, we somehow reach this position. That's not the point of the tutorial. We have other courses of how we reach specific positions on the field. But we've reached we've aligned with followed line. We are somehow here. We move with the robot, shake a little and the cargo is in the train, which is perfect. That's the goal of the whole mission to load cargo in train.

Let's do it again. This time it was not successful. This is an attachment that shakes a little. This is the trick. We wanted to demonstrate the trick and to see how consistent and reliable this trick will be. Two out of three for now. Load again. It really depends on when we load, how far back the attachment is so we must be careful with this. Three out of four for runs and we've made one mistake.

Two mistakes, five runs, two mistakes, it really depends on how do we start? What's our initial position of the attachment? Because we must be kind of precise. That's a precise drop. You can see that the cargo itself is with the size of the train of the orange beams. They make up a container in which we must place the cargo.

And to put this cargo in the container, we must be kind of like precise. We've seen previous competitions that have again missions for precise drop. But this one is this one is tough. Our attachment looks okay. Made two, three mistakes up until now. The principle is working. The trick is we lower the attachment and when we lift and as you saw, if we start from a position where it is too low at the start, it's not possible to accomplish the. Be careful when you have attachments, where exactly is the initial position and how do you start them?

One or two more tries just to make sure move forward. Four mistakes. I think we made four or 5 - 50 percent is the consistency and reliability of this particular attachment. Not great. Not terrible. Doing a couple of more.

By the end, it was just didn't listen to us start. We started good. By the end we start making more mistakes. Last try. It was successful a good, nice trick. And I'll see you in the next tutorial.

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