10 runs on robot accuracy when moving fast VS moving slow on an FLL Competition field with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Pro Preview

This videos tutorials demonstrated the robot accuracy in 10 runs one after the other. 5 of them are with the robot moving slow and 5 are with the robot moving fast. See for your self what is the accuracy achieved only with the move blocks of the robot.

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  • 12 May 2022
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Download the program from the course and check the behavior of your robot.


In this video tutorial, we continue with our mission to bring the robot from the base to a mission model that's somewhere near the base. And we use a LEGO Education Spike Prime robot with the feature of controlling the robot from the two buttons. This tutorial is ten runs. This means that we run the robot ten times to see how accurate and what's the precision of the robot. This was our first one. We start the robot and we start the robot with our fast program. The robot basically moves forward, turns, moves forward. And if the robot is really fast, it's not that accurate. So if we try with 30% of the speed of the Motors, we see that we are able to reach this mission model with the blue and with the red box. These are from FIRST LEGO League Cargo Connect again, second front. With a really fast programming, you can see that the robot is doing something completely different. Both of the runs are configured with the same amount of centimeters and inches that the robot should move. But if it is really fast, something happens. With the fast program, it went to one of the mission models. With the Slow program, it went to the correct mission model. Let's try again with the Fast program. And you can see that now the robot arrived at a completely different place. And this is what's difficult about this robot. Their behavior depends on a lot of factors, like the friction between the wheels and mat, like the level of the battery. There are a lot of things that are important here. And if you try to reach a mission model without the use of the sensors, what you find out is that it is difficult. It is possible. Even if the mission model is really near the pace, it is possible, but it is difficult. Let's do it one more time. Notice that we start the road from the same place in the base. But even though we started from the same place and the program is the same, the robot arrives at a different place every time. It's unpredictable and the behavior is not consistent. And the fast program, it went really, really far away from the mission model. Check out the previous tutorial where we demonstrate the robot and we explained the programming. But with this tutorial, we hope you get the sense of how inaccurate the robot is, even though you can move it really fast or really slow. Try, experiment, build the robot, download the programs and experiment and see for yourself.

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