FLL 2020: 10 out of 10 on how to accomplish Tire Flip mission Pro Preview

10 out of 10 is our favorite series of video tutorials and in this one we are looking at the FIRST LEGO League 2021 RePlay competition and the tire flip mission. The goal of the mission is to flip a tire. Two tire. Perfect. We manage to do it each and every try

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  • 01 Aug 2021
  • 3:33

Missions at robotics competitions that require you to flip are some of the most complex, because they require tricky attachments. The robot should push the tires at two point in the same time and that is not easy to get working, but once you do it is 10 out of 10. Use the principles in this tutorial to learn how to always successfully flip tires with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime or LEGO Mindstorms EV3/NXT/Robot Inventor robots

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