Robot Dance M07 FIRST LEGO League 2020-2021 RePLAY Challenge

The robot is dancing on the dance floor at the end of the match.

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  • 31 Aug 2020


  • If the robot’s controller is at least partly over the dance floor in a “dancing” motion at the end of the match: 20

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Any silly or skilled repetitive action counts as dancing – do something fun! For M07, you cannot score this plus the “held up” score from M06 Pull-Up Bar in the same match.


FLLCasts tip

If you are a starting team we would reccoment compleating this mission instead of M06 Pull-Up Bar. The difference is only 10 points, but M06 is in magnitutes harder.

The simple solution would be to know how much time does your robot need to get to the dancing floor. At the end of the round release the robot from the base and when it gets to the destination make movements that mimic dancing. For example moving forward and backward. Be carfull, because your robot may "fall off" the dancing floor and thus not complete the mission. Keep the dancing simple.

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