Innovative architecture Mission FIRST LEGO League 2019-2020 City Shaper Challenge

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score one or the other

If there is a team-designed Structure clearly bigger than a Blue Building Unit, built only from your white LEGO bricks

  • Completely In any Circle: 15 
  • Partly in any Circle: 10

Note: Design and build your own Structure before you compete, then bring that to each Match. You don’t build it during the Match.

Note: Your mission 11 Structure needs to be built from Bag 10 elements only. It can include the red and gray elements. Not all of the Bag 10 elements need to be used.

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  • 21 Aug 2019

Fllcasts Tip:

You need to build a structure using elements only from Bag 10! It needs to be bigger than a blue building. Use as many parts as you like. You have to prebuild your model and use it in all of the runs. When you start accomplishing the mission, you will have to push, pull or carry your model to the destination.