How to smoothly turn the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robots using a Gyro Sensor Pro Preview

Another MyBlock that we've created is the SmoothTurn block. It's a block that helps you to drag or pull mission models or other parts more safety. Very often, when there are mission models that should be moved to the base, they are dropped by the robot when it is turning very sharply. This block resolves the problem. It constantly increase the speed while turning. The goal of this is to reduce the acceleration of the robot when it starts turning so that no modules will fall.

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  • 01 Jun 2019

The SmoothTurn block

There is only one input parameter in this block and this is the Angle on which you want your robot to rotate.

The motors

The SmoothTurn block is working with motors connected on ports B and C. If your motors are connected on different ports, you'll have to edit the block and change ONLY the ports of the move blocks.

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