SP061. 2020-03-31

Summary by Kiril

We've started working on a Scratch course.

Table of contents


[Content-Animations-1.1] Animation created and uploaded to Cron 576

Last step animation for the Cron robot is ready at: Fllcasts-Cron-Lego-Midstorms-Ev3-Crane Cron - LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Crane

[Curriculum-1.1] Create Lesson 6 in course Python for EV3

Lesson 6 from the Python course was created. In it, students create cars and race with them. In the process, they learn how to move the motors in a more precise way, and are introduced to a new type of motor.

[Curriculum-1.1] Create Clock robot for Lesson 5 in course Python for EV3

Created robot for lesson 5 in Python for EV3 that looks like a clock. link to the robot Robot Thumbnail

[Curriculum-1.1] Program for the clock robot in python

A pair of programs were developed for the Cronos robot that looks like a clock with hands.

An example program moving the seconds and minutes hands of the clock can be found here.

An example program designed to teach children to read the clock can be found here.

[DistanceLearning-1.0] Create a Scratch tag

A new tag about Scratch resources is created: tag Scratch.

Scratch Logo

[DistanceLearning-1.0] Create promotional video

We have two videos uploaded on our Bulgarian youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8pTG6DJhhU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGNlEIV4QbM

The second video is used to demonstrate gameplay in our course on the platform: https://www.fllcasts.com/courses/141-keep-em-clean-remote-scratch-game-course


[FLLCasts-8.0-Niki] Remove materials text and tasks from translation page

The translation page for tutorials no longer shows materials text, task short description, task long description.