SP060. 2020-03-15

Summary by Kiril

We have released half of the curriculum fully translated in English. The other half still has some leftovers. We would address them soon. We had an issue with videos in courses not showing in mobile, and we managed to resolve it

Table of contents


[Curriculum-1.0] Fix problems in material 404

Fixed problems with the instructions of the small boomer robot Thumbnail of the robot

[Curriculum-1.1] Translate lesson 3 from 134 Python for EV3

Lesson 3 from the Python for EV3 course is completely translated to English

Thumbnail of Lesson 3

[Curriculum-1.1] Add video to tutorial 1551 in lesson 3 from the Python course

The tutorial: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1551

Now is a video tutorial and has the video uploaded to it

[Curriculum-1.1] Create lesson 4 in course Python for EV3

Lesson 4 in the Python course for EV3 was created. In it, you build an asymmetric robot to be sent to the moon. You will learn what variables are, how to store objects in variable and how to do some math in variables.

To the moon

[Curriculum-1.1] Create Lesson 5 in course Python for EV3

Lesson 5 from the Python course was created. In it, students create a clock, that helps children learn to read clocks. During that, the students will learn how to use the bricks display and how to generate random numbers.


[Curriculum-1.1] Create Robot for Lesson 7 in course Python for EV3

Created robot for lesson 7 in Python for EV3 that has a horizontal grabber. link to the robot Robot Thumbnail As and addition, created another version of this robot with a bigger grabber, that also makes the robot symmetrical. link to the robot Robot Thumbnail

[Curriculum-1.1] Translate lesson 4 from 134 Python for EV3

Lesson 4 of the Python with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 has been completely translated to English.

Thumbnail of Lesson 4

[Curriculum-1.1-Translation] Project general - translate at least 40-lessons in 6 days

All the lessons for 8-10 years old are translated

A2, Lesson1 Image

A2, Lesson2 Image

A2, Lesson3 Image

A2, Lesson4 Image

A2, Lesson5 Image

A2, Lesson6 Image

A2, Lesson7 Image

B1, Lesson1 Image

B1, Lesson2 Image

B1, Lesson3 Image

B1, Lesson4 Image

B1, Lesson5 Image

B1, Lesson6 Image

B1, Lesson7 Image

B2, Lesson1 Image

B2, Lesson2 Image

B2, Lesson3 Image

B2, Lesson4 Image

B2, Lesson5 Image

B2, Lesson6 Image

B2, Lesson7 Image

C1, Lesson1 Image

C1, Lesson2 Image

C1, Lesson3 Image

C1, Lesson4 Image

C1, Lesson5 Image

C1, Lesson6 Image

C1, Lesson7 Image

C2, Lesson1 Image

C2, Lesson2 Image

C2, Lesson3 Image

C2, Lesson4 Image

C2, Lesson5 Image

C2, Lesson6 Image

C2, Lesson7 Image

D1, Lesson1 Image

D1, Lesson2 Image

D1, Lesson3 Image

D1, Lesson4 Image

D1, Lesson5 Image

D1, Lesson6 Image

D1, Lesson7 Image

D2, Lesson1 Image

D2, Lesson2 Image

D2, Lesson3 Image

D2, Lesson4 Image

D2, Lesson5 Image

D2, Lesson6 Image

D2, Lesson7 Image


[FLLCasts-8.0] Typo in configuration mail for bulgarian

Fixed typo in confirmation mail in Bulgarian.

[FLLCasts-8.0] Upgrade AWS gem on FLLCasts to version 3

The FLLCasts rails app now uses the aws-sdk-s3 gem instead of aws-sdk 3.0.

[FLLCasts-8.0] Videos in course sections not appearing on mobile

Fixed bug where videos weren't appearing in course sections when viewed from a mobile browser.

Example: When you have sufficient rights, go to https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/19 on a browser on a smartphone. The videos now appear correctly. Previously they didn't appear at all.


[Curriculum-1.1] Add the video for duplicating lines in VS-Code in lesson 5 from the Python course

The tutorial https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1558-copy-and-paste-code-using-a-keyboard-shortcut-in-visual-studio-code

Has the video uploaded to it.

[Curriculum-1.1, Image] Add vecteezy image to the intro section of lesson 5 from the Python course.



[Curriculum-1.1,Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 979


[Curriculum-1.1,Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 980