SP059. 2020-02-29

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[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 7 of Level 4.5

Created the seventh lesson in level 4.5. The topic of the lesson is making a freely constructed robot from a set of modules. The students have the main task to program their robot to do whatever they think it should and are also given a few example programs with tasks. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

Thumbnail for lesson 7 level 4.5

[Curriculum-1.0] Lesson 4 of Level 4.5 Aftermath

The fourth lesson of Level 4.5 is updated based on feedback from the held lessons.

[Curriculum-1.1] Create lesson 3 in course Python for EV3

Lesson 3 from the Python for EV3 course was created.

In this lesson, students recreate the Luna 3 mission by programming a robot to take a picture of the backside of an object. Here they will learn where to find the list of commands and the entire MicroPython documentation.

The dark side of the moon

[Curriculum-1.1] Translate lesson 2 from 134 Python for EV3

Lesson 2 of the Python Course is completely translated to English

Thumbnail of Lesson 2

[FLLCasts-CS-1.0] Add tag "Animal" to all programs for animal robots

We've added the tag "Animal" to all the programs for animal robots. Users will now easily find programs for the animal robots

Picture for added tag




[Curriculum-1.1] Finish an image for lesson 0 from the Python course

The thumbnail for the Workstation setup for Python for EV3 lesson was resized.

VS Code Extensions Menu

[Curriculum-1.1] Update meme-picture about Inertia to proper license

New inertial image created from scratch.

Tutorial Inertial-101 from Lesson 4 in course B1- Spy Gadgets Robotisc With Lego

Image for inertia

There is also a no background version and white background version at https://s3.amazonaws.com/fllcasts/content_pictures/pictures/000/003/488/ee2d818858369959d059b13bea692934398585b9Free_Dummy_Vecteezy_Vector-fllcasts.png?1582784038


[Curriculum-1.1] Create thumbnail for material 977