SP052. 2019-11-15

Table of contents


[Content] Write a TXT explanation of the 1D LED game for Stefan

In my spare time I detailed a small 1D game that I made up with an LED strip and sent the file to Stefan. Maybe some day someone will want to make a course from it.

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Lesson 1 of Level 4.5

Created the first lesson in level 4.5. The topic of the lesson is making a simple five-minute bot to learn how to make their program easy to understand from an outsider. The students have the task of making a tug of war with two touch sensors and later upgrade it with a color sensor. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. Thumbnail for lesson 1 level 4.5


[Platform] Missing meta for videos on tutorials page

Add some meta data to the videos, so that Google can index them better. Videos in tutorial now have proper metadata, which lets Google index them easier and better.

SP 52: [Platform] Allow exporting of group users table as a CSV (like the Supervise table)

Made a button to export a group as normal CSV if you are a coordinator or instructor in it. The button can be found in the blue pane bellow the header while on a group page. The supervise group table now has a "CSV" button near its top left corner. It let's you export the table as a CSV.

[Platform] On the group supervise page move the payment data before the initial password and comment fields

On the group supervise page move the payment column before the intial password and comment columns, so that it is more easily visible.