SP041. 2019-05-31

TL;DR; Summary by Kiril

We've release a Solutions and Recap for FIRST LEGO League Into Orbit competition. Find it at  https://www.fllcasts.com/courses/83-first-lego-league-2018-19-into-orbit-challenge-review. It contains a lot of tutorials and explanations. We've released lessons 5, 6, 7 from Module 3.5. We've released lessons 2 from D2. We've added one new tutorial for Learn At Home. This is the Lintu. We've release a new courses for Summer Camps with basic structure for an offline season preparation. There are a lot of small improvements on Groups Administration. A significant change for content creators is that when adding a content to a course section you now search for the content and do not select it from a list.  

Table of contents


General for FLL 7.0

The general FLL-7.0 is ready for publishing and will be available very soon at fllcasts. This includes a complete course as a review.

The tutorial about working with the valve of the laboratory robot was added to his description.

Tutorial: https://fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1211-how-the-laboratory-robot-works?ref=5234

Robot: https://fllcasts.com/bg/materials/748-laboratory-a-lego-mindstorms-ev3-experiment-robot?ref=5197

[Curriculum-1.0] Create Humanoid robot

The EV3RSTORM robot instructions were uploaded. After they receive a thumbnail, they will be ready for the public.

Link: https://fllcasts.com/materials/759-ev3rstorm#is-js-viewer

Picture: Humanoid.png

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 6 from 3.5

Lesson 6 from course 3.5 was created. In it students learn about barcodes and how making a LEGO robot that can read a much larger and simpler barcode. The lesson provides a good practice in using MyBlocks and switches with text conditions.

link: https://fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/757 d276b91728de9343b8a56da2afb59fe7fed009f1barcodesFllcastsThumbnail.png

[Curriculum-1.0] Aftermath Lesson 4 from 3.5

No negative feedback was received for lesson 4 from course 3.5 after testing it. The lesson is left unchanged.

[Curriculum-1.0] Aftermath Lesson 5 from 3.5

Lesson 5 from course 3.5 was completed. It features an automated safe that counts the money that goes in it. In this lesson the students practice creating MyBlocks and the use of data wires. Link: https://fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/756 f364dc57cfcfe4cafb08e62a694aed6cb677a930Piggi-Bank-Fllcasts.png

[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 5 in 3.5

Few new tutorials were added for lesson 5 of course 3.5. The lesson is now complete and ready for use.

[Curriculum-1.0] 3.5 lesson 6 Aftermath

Changes were made to lesson 6 from course 3.5. The barcode field was moved in its own material, and the low resolution pictures await replacement. Link: https://fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/757

[Curriculum-1.0] Fix steps 42 and 50 from dotty robot

The instructions of robot Dotty were updated and no longer have any floating parts.

[Curriculum-1.0] Aftermath Lesson 3 from 3.5

Improvements were made to lesson 3 of course 3.5. Tasks and lessons were rewritten, a new section with tasks meant for older student was added, and a new tutorial covering the rotation sensor of the motors was added.

[Curriculum-1.0] Level D2 Lesson 2 Aftermath

The second lesson of Level D2 is updated based on feedback from the held lessons.

[Curriculum-1.0] Level D2 Lesson 5

Thumbnail for lesson 5 level D2

Created the fifth lesson in level D2. The topic of the lesson is making a free constructed Yacht robot to learn about Gyro sensor. The students have variant tasks for making the yacht follow a direction. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated.

link to the lesson

[Curriculum-1.0] Create barcore reader robot for lesson 6 in 3.5

A new robot was added!



[Curriculum-1.0] Create lesson 7 from 3.5

Lesson 7 is created. An ATM machine identifies a user by his color-coded card and asks for her password. This is the final lesson in level 3.5 Measuring Tools.


[Curriculum-1.0] Translate and divide the variables tutorial for lesson 5 of 3.5

Large tutorial Variables within the EV3 Software 101 was split into smaller tutorials so that they can be reused in classes with students.

Lesson 8 Variables uses those new tutorials: What is a variable Creating a new variable Variable Initialization Variable type Reading and Writing into Variables Simple example variable usage Calculated turns

[Curriculum-1.0, Images] Fix line follow dashed picture

The picture is reworked.



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture to tutorial in lesson 6 from 3.5



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Create tutorial and pictures on how to make a paper plane

Created a tutorial on how to make a paper plane. In the tutorial there are renders with how to fold a paper to create a paper plane:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

[Curriculum-1.0, Tags] Create tag Variables

We have a new tag for variables, with picture and description.



[FLL-7.0] Add steps and rotations to material 756

The material is located at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/756-brazilian-son-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robot-following-the-box-robot-principle

Brazilian Son thumbnail

[FLL-7.0] Prepare course 83 for publishing

The course is scheduled to be released on 01 June 2019, but of course if it is ready sooner we will release it sooner. Only some of the tutorials must be edited. The course contains a basic review of the season along with detailed explanations on how to accomplish certain missions.


Image for FLL Into orbit course

[FLL-7.0] Record explanations and mission runs on how to achieve M07 emergency walk

We've prepared a whole lesson on how to achieve the M07 emergency walk mission.

Lesson is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/809

Specific tutorials from the lesson are

Runs - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1269-fll-2018-mission-run-m07-precisely-lift-and-place-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5643


Explanations - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1263-fll-2018-how-to-accomplish-m07-precisely-lift-and-place-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5636


10 out of 10 - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1280-fll-2018-mission-accomplish-every-time-m07-10-out-of-10-successful-runs?ref=5727


[FLL-7.0] Record explanations and mission runs on how to accomplish M06 Space Station Modules

M06 is accomplished. Explanations and mission runs could be found in lesson


Mission runs - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1270-fll-2018-mission-run-m06-precisely-push-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5647


Explanations - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1262-fll-2018-how-to-accomplish-m06-precisely-push-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5635


10 out of 10 - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1281-fll-2018-accomplish-every-time-m06-10-out-of-10-successful-runs?ref=5728


[FLL-7.0] Record explanations and mission runs on how to accomplish M08 Aerobic Exercise

A complete lesson on how to accomplish the mission is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/810

Mission runs - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1271-fll-2018-mission-run-m08-aerobic-push-pull-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5652


Explanations - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1266-fll-2018-how-to-accomplish-m08-aerobic-push-pull-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5639


[FLL-7.0] Record explanations and mission runs on how to accomplish M09 Strength Exercise

Complete lesson on how to approach the mission is available at https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/811

Mission Runs - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1272-fll-2018-mission-run-m09-lift-heavy-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5657


Explanations - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1265-fll-2018-how-to-accomplish-m09-lift-heavy-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5638


[FLL-7.0] Add a new tag called "10 out of 10"

There is a new tag available on the platform that's called "10 out of 10" With this tag we mark tutorials about mission runs that are recorded to be accurate and repeatable and work 8-9 times out of 10.


Image for 10 out of 10

[FLL-7.0] Add a new tag called "Lift"

There is a new tag called "Lift" We mark different content materials that show how we can lift things.


[FLL-7.0] Record explanations and mission runs on how to accomplish M05 Extraction

A complete lesson on how we could accomplish this mission is available at


Mission runs - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1273-fll-2018-mission-run-m05-extract-and-collect-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5663


Explanations - https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1264-fll-2018-how-to-accomplish-m05-extract-and-collect-from-first-lego-league-2018-into-orbit-review?ref=5637


[FLL-7.0] Record explanations for box robot 1 for M05 Extraction

Tutorial with explanation is available at



[FLL-7.0] Publish tutorial 1203 for M01 and M02 from Into Orbit competition

The tutorial is published at


Image of tutorial

[FLL-7.0] Record explanations of observatory M13

Observatory mission and explanations on how to accomplish it are available at



[FLL-7.0] Publish tutorial 1267 - mission explanations for M04 crater crossing

Tutorial available at



[FLL-7.0] Final Review and move through the course for FLL Into Orbit and understand if everything could be implemented by students.

The course is designed in a way that it could be used by students that move through the classes and activities. There is a "How to use this course" explanation on the course page with specific guidance on how to use this course with students and what should they do.


[FLL-7.0] Record FLL Into Orbit Videos for the mission runs of NightBeast

The recorded tutorials versions for the mission runs of NightBeast are available at course 83:


[FLL-7.0] Publish a blog publication for FLL-7.0 first review of emergency walk

Blog publication


[FLL-7.0] Produce into orbit videos

The published tutorials are located in course


Solutions FLL

[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Prepare picture for Tutorial 1204 - FLL 2018: Mission run of M05 and M06, (Place and grab) in FIRST LEGO League 2018 Into Orbit. Review

Picture is


available at


[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Picture for and publish of tutorial 1205 about FLL Into orbit

Tutorial is


Thumbnail available at:


[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Picture for and publish of tutorial 1212 about FLL Into Orbit - mission runs 03, 04, 14



[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Thumbnail for BrazillianSon - material 756


Brazilian Son

[IC 2.0] Fix yellow colour in Bill Of materials For Steel Ball part - 99948

In the preprocessing module some common mistakes in the instructions are fixed. One of which is changing the color of part 99948 (the steel ball) from 999 to 493.

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Create a lesson for the Lintu kiwi bird

Created a lesson for learn at home, using the kiwi bird robot.

Link to the lesson

[Learn-at-home-2.0] Prepare and produce a video for Lintu that would be added to the robot a Day course. Version 2.0


[Learn-at-home-2.0] Develop program and lesson for Lintu robot

We've created a lesson available at https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/729

with a specific intro tutorial available at https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1308-how-does-the-lintu-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robot-work?ref=5905

Image of lintu robot

[Robots] Add cables to robot 519

The material is located at: https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/519-rollo-lego-military-suv

Temporary Thumbnail

[Summer-Camps-1.0] Create an article explaining the part 1 of the "Summer camps" page


[Summer-Camps-1.0] Review, prepare and upload the mission models for the FLL Summer Camp Field

The section Field Setup, Mission Models and Mission Objectives has all of the mission models uploaded with description of the mission objective.

[Summer-Camps-1.0] Create a section presenting the competition field and the missions.

Two sections are created.

The first section Field Setup and Mission Models includes all of the mission models and instructions for them and the second one Missions descriptions includes descriptions for all of the missions scoring objectives.

[Thumbnail, Curriculum-1.0] Create a thumbnail for the humanoid robot material 759




[Content-Creation-2.0] Make it easier to add content to course section by searching for the content, instead of selecting from lists. Also search for course instead of selecting from a drop down with courses.

There were issues after the feature was first deployed. It didn't work with Tasks and NonreusableContents. Now that is fixed.

When adding content to a course section this content can now be added by quickly searching for a content instead of selecting from a list. The search support is described https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1290-how-to-search-at-fllcasts

When adding content to a course section, it is now done through a dropdown field. Simply type in part of the content's title and select it from the dropdown menu that appears. Courses are now selected in a similar manner when you are selecting which course you want to add a course section to.

[Content-Creation-2.0, Search] When searching it should be easier to search specifically on classes or by id. This should happen very fast, and not be dependent on the indexed information

There is a new tutorials on how to effectively search in the platform.


The functionality on the platform is improved based and works according to the tutorial.

You can search by public id of a content and you can specify where exactly are you searching

[Groups-1.0] On every message created with javascript and a little text that says "hide" at the right end of it. This should hide the message.

Added a hide button to all the messages bubbles.

[Groups-1.0] I see the column "Payment" on the groups MGE page

Only users who are logged in and are either a coordinator or an instructor in a group can see the Payment column on that groups page

[Groups-1.0] Improve invitation accepting

Some specs that are related to subscriptions users were improved so that they are more reliable.

Some pages that are related to inviting users had their styling and content refined in order to improve the user experience.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Has option to create coordinator/instructor as an instructor in the group.

Fixed a bug where an instructor in the group had the option to enroll a coordinator/instructor in the group

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Accounts page crashes when it is opened by a user with more than one account

Fixed occasional crash that occurred when creating a new account for the same email and there were errors in the form.

[Groups-1.0, i18n] When there is an error with the user password, the error is not internationalized

Added info for how long the password should be when inviting a new user to a group. Also added bulgarian translations for the User password and password confirmation error messages.

[Subscriptions, Bug] Wrong value shown on what will be saved by the user is a subscription is updated

The Subscriptions show page now displays the correct amount under each plan when they're available for upgrading/downgrading. There's also a table describing why that's the price for changing to the specific plan which you can find by attempting to upgrade your subscription to that plan.


[Curriculum-1.0] Add picture to lesson 3 from 3.5



[Curriculum-1.0] Create a picture for lesson 3 from 3.5


[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture for Introduction in level D2 Lesson 3



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Create picture for introduction in D2 lesson 5

There is a gyrocompass picture in: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1277-gyrocompass

And it is the thumbnail of Lesson 5 in D2




[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Create picture for introduction in D2 lesson 6


Sail Ship

[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Make a picture for 3.5 lesson 2



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Create picture for introduction in D2 lesson 7



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Create and add a thumbnail to the McRobot instructions material 783



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add picture from vecteezy to intro section of lesson 5 from 3.5



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Modify pictures for following a direction

New pictures in: https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/tutorials/1279




[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 785



[Curriculum-1.0, Thumbnail] Create thumbnail for material 789



[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Make thumbnails for the attachments of Nightbeast team

All NightBeast materials have thumbnails

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5

Spacer 1

Spacer 2

[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Repair the thumbnail picture for program w415dz

Remade the thumbnail of: https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/w415dz-fll-2018-attachment-to-accomplish-the-into-orbit-space-walk-emergency-07-robot-game-missions-program


[FLL-7.0, Thumbnail] Thumbnail for M15 - material 790 and program 2rchdl

https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/790-fll-2018-lander-for-m15-lander-touch-down Material

https://www.fllcasts.com/programs/2rchdl-fll-2018-attachment-to-accomplish-the-into-orbit-lander-touch-down-15-robot-game-missions-program Program

[Learn-at-Home-2.0] Add pictures totutorial 1198

The tutorial has images.


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

[Pictures] Rebrand barcodes field mat for 3.5 lesson 6

The filed is rebranded and the picture of it is changed in the NRC:



The material is this one:


[Pictures] Fix barcode pictures from lesson 6 course 3.5



https://fllcasts.com/bg/nonreusable_contents/484-coding-the-barcode?ref=5896 Barcode-With-Arrows

[Robots, Thumbnail] Make a thumbnail picture for material 519



[Summer-Camps-1.0] Create thumbnails for all of the mission models for the summer camp FLL materials

The section Field Setup, Mission Models and Mission Objectives has images and thumbnails for all of the missions.

[Summer-Camps-1.0] Rebrand the FLL basics field

FLL Off-season Challenge field A new field is created. The field is rebranded with the FLLCasts brand and there are few improvements made to the images and mission models positions.

[Thumbnail] Create Cody thumbnail- 788




[IC-2.0] Allow for the upload of a single ldr file

Allowing the user to upload a single LDR file.

* In the main changed the type of results of calling the preprocess function to kwargs.
			* The function for configurations from util is called only once in the preprocessing.
			* The rotation_matrix_precision is extracted as an env variable.
			* If it is not set, there is a variable in the config.ini file.

[IC-2.0, Bug] If the name of inline module contains space, then use just the first word.

When the user copy a module, it is renamed by the software that he use, so the name of the copied module looks like : originalmodulename Copy. There was a problem with the white space after the originalmodulename and everything after it. Now it is fixed.

[IC-2.0, Bug] If inline module has no extension in the name, then append .ldr during preprocessing

The users can upload files with modules which names are generated by by their cad programs without extensions. Till now, the line: 1 15 160 40 -60 0 0 -1 0 1 0 1 0 0 Module\n was invalid. From now on it's valid.

In the submodule renamer is added an "if" that checks for the module suffix and if it is missing, it adds .ldr.


[Academies] Publish Karlovo summer groups



[Academies] Publish Ruse summer groups

https://www.fllcasts.com/organizations/125 https://www.fllcasts.com/groups/810 https://www.fllcasts.com/groups/812 https://www.fllcasts.com/groups/813 https://www.fllcasts.com/groups/814

[Academies] Update and translate certificate descriptions

Levels D1 and D2 and 3.5 of the Lego Robotics Curriculum now have descriptions in Bulgarian and in English.

Levels D1 in Bulgarian Levels D2 in Bulgarian

Levels D1 in English Levels D2 in English

Level 3.5 has description in English now.

Bulgarian certificates now have the topic of the level after the level code letter e.g. Level D2 - "Seafaring"