SP042. 2019-06-15

TL;DR; Summary by Kiril

We've started working on restructuring levels A1, A2 and 1.0 with a few restructured lessons there. The old ones were too large. We've also published a and completed a few lessons for Learn At home - These are the Turtle, Motorcycle and Comet.

A big improvement on the part of the platform is the ability to see where in which course and in which lesson is a given material and tutorial used. We've almost finalized Groups-1.0 and it is possible to administer your groups through the fllcasts platform. 

Table of contents


[Academies] How to setup teacher profile for a group

Now every student and teacher knows how to setup a profile picture and phone number with the help of tutorial How to setup teacher profile

[Curriculum-1.0] Level D2 Lesson 7 creation and aftermath

Thumbnail for lesson 7 level D2

Created the seventh and last lesson in level D2.

The topic of the lesson is making an aircraft carrier and learning about it. The students have tasks to make the carrier launch paper airplanes. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. link to the lesson

[Curriculum-1.0] D2 Lesson 6 and aftermath

Thumbnail for lesson 6 level D2

Created the sixth lesson in level D2.

The topic of the lesson is making a ship with moving sails. The students have tasks to make the sails follow the wind's direction using the gyro sensor. For now it is still mostly in bulgarian, but it will be translated. link to the lesson

[Curriculum-1.0] Picture for lesson 1 from 1.0



[Curriculum-1.0] Add picture from vecteezy to lesson 5 from 1.0



[Curriculum-1.0] Add picture to lesson 3 from 1.0

https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/nonreusable_contents/516-intro Moon

[Curriculum-1.0] Create "How to create a robot without instructions"

A reusable course section was developed Build a robot without instructions

align your motors

It consists of the following tutorials and tasks for them: Connect a motor to the EV3-Brick Build a mirror image of the first motor Build wheels to your robot Teacher's Notes: Building third wheels

That section can be reused in any lesson that requires building an original robot.

[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Thumbnail for the bat base from lesson 5 of 1.0


Bat base

[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add picture to lesson 7 from 1.0



[FLL-7.0] Add a gyro sensor to the Competition Robot, material 94

The material is at https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/794-ev3-competition-robot-light-and-ultrasonic


[FLL-7.0] Block for accurately turning. It is a mess. Should be fixed

In the course Solutions and Review for FIRST LEGO League 2018-2019 Into Orbit Challenge is added new course section Turn that we need. In the section there are two tutorials that are explaining how and why to use the AccurateTurn and SmoothTurn blocks.

[Learn-At-Home-2.0] Create a section with Comet (the F1 robot)

We've completed the course section for the Comet LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot. It has everything needed - 3D building instructions, program and tasks - https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/693


[Learn-at-Home-2.0] Record and produce Turtle

We've completed the course section for the Turtle LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot. It has everything needed - video, 3D building instructions, program and tasks - https://www.fllcasts.com/course_sections/512


[Learn-at-Home-2.0] Record and Produce Motorcycle 396 ninja - tutorial 1342

Tutorial Published at https://www.fllcasts.com/tutorials/1342-how-does-the-ninja-motorcycle-lego-mindstorms-ev3-robot-work

We've recorded how the Ninja Motorcycle robot works

Ninja Motorcycle Ev3 Robot

[Picture, Curriculum-1.0] Add picture from vecteezy to lesson 1 of course A1



[Summer-Camps-1.0] Create a section with few simple tasks for moving around the field

First programming section of the off-season FLL preparation course involves only simple movement tasks. The challenge is to park in the far end of the field.

mission one image

The participants must calculate the reliability of their robot and program.


[Bug, Materials] Page 23 and 24 of the materials page are empty

Fixed a bug where it would display empty pages on materials/tutorials/episodes index pages.

[Categorization] Typo in tag fllcasts-documenation

The tag is renamed to "FLLCasts Documentation"

[Content Creation] On search a video is visible even if it is without picture

This one is fixed and no tutorials are shown

[Content-Creation-2.0] Remove courses from content that can be added to a course section

Content refs can no longer link courses to course sections. Courses are not supported as a content type right now.

[Content-Creation-2.0] Show for each tutorial in which courses it is referred

This is already available. Below each tutorial we see information in which courses and lessons is this tutorial referred to


This one is fixed. Current videos are uploaded with https

[Groups-1.0] Add information on how to register second sibling in a group?

A tutorial about how to register a sibling was made.


Add brother and sister

[Groups-1.0] Accept invitation page lacks information about user name

Invitation accept page and email had its texts improved. They were previously fixed and then broken again, but the real problem was finally found. Also, now you can see the username of the user that is accepting the invitation on the accept page.

Invitation accept page screenshot

[Groups-1.0] Export group information to be ready for personal credential cards

When you are a supervisor, you can go to a group's page (for example "/groups/1") and in the admin pane there is a button "Export Retiffy CSV". When pressed, it exports the user data of the students in the group to a CSV that is ready for use with Retiffy.

[Groups-1.0] Number of vacancies must have a color

It is implemented on the groups page, that when the amount of free student spaces is different the color of the number is different. When there are 0 free spaces the size of the queue is shown.

[Groups-1.0] Improve registration form labels

Added additional information for the Student Name, Parent Email, Password and Parent Phone fields which you can find when creating a group user or enrolling yourself into a group.

[Groups-1.0] How to remove the filter by organization on the groups page

Go to https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/groups?organization=[some_id]&group_type=active

It will automatically fill the search field with the organizations name. Clearing the search field will then display all the groups you belong to.

[Groups-1.0] When adding users to groups and mandatory fields are required than allow for the mandatory fields to fill

When clicking next the text that says "These are the users with the given email" is hidden.

When a group staff enrols an user to group. They can change the mandatory information that is provided with the group user.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Can not change the password for a user with another account with the same email

Some users were shown errors when trying to change their password or account information. All users can now do those things successfully.

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Fix invalid emails and usernames in production database

There were users whose usernames were the same as their email. This was causing issues. Those usernames now have their usernames changed. @ and everything to the right of @ is removed from their username. For example, a user that has both an email and an username "test@gmail.com" now has their username changed to "test".

[Groups-1.0, Bug] Course section update crashes when there are empty params and you submit with the content adding submit button

Fixed a bug where the course section edit page would show an error when the user pressed the "Update" button without adding any content.

[Groups-1.0, i18n] Message not internationalized when searching for a user in group users form

A test was done and the bug is no longer been able to be produced


[Curriculum-1.0] Create picture for introduction in Level 1.0 Lesson 6



[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture to a tutorial in introduction for 1.0 Lesson 2


Moon phase

[Curriculum-1.0, Picture] Add picture to introduction in 1.0 Lesson 4



[Curriculum-1.0, Pictures] Add image to work in pairs tutorial


Working in pears

[Curriculum-1.0,Picture] Create gyro animation for D2 Lesson 1


Has an animation for Gyro rotating 360 degrees.

[FLL-7.0 Thumbnail] Create a thumbnail for material 794.

Competition Robot

[Groups-1.0, Thumbnail] Make a thumbnail for tutorial 1322


Brothers Sisters

[Images] Thumbnail for teacher avatars for tutorial 1345


Thumbnail of tutorial


[IC 2.0] Check why the preprocessing does not replace the two parts of the motor in material 356.

Before the fix the motor in the parts list looks like that : Motor before the fix

Now it looks like that: Motor after the fix

[IC-2.0] Use json to define the sets against which the instructions should be compared.

New sets can be added through sets.json. The latest added set is the WeDo set.

[IC-2.0] Allow for adding additional files in the zip that is uploaded to the materials

Now the uploaded zip files can be used as a storage. You can upload additional files like Solidworks or ev3s programs.

[IC-2.0, Bug] Material 356 brick is not branded

The parts now are case insensitive. They are lowered.


[Academies] Groups and subscription summer Lozenets

New subscription for Lozenets Academy is created