SP030. 2018-12-14

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Date released: 2018-December-14

Sprint: SP 30

A lot of improvements in the groups and Manual Group Enrollment. Two new lessons developed for C2. Cables added for Box robot 1

Backlog Priority

[Academies, Users] add two users in a Varna group

The two users were manually added to the groups in Varna

[Groups, Bug] Creating a group throws an error

There really was an error, and it was resolved

[Bug] Unrealease materials are visible through categories

Materials that are not released are no longer visible in the categories.

[Bug] /programs/new gives Not Found

Resolved. Works now

SP30[Programs] Problem with uploading

Could upload .py and .zip files for the programs

[Search, Bug] Search was showing very wrong results.

There was a problem with access. People that were having access to specific resources were not seeing them in a search. This is now resolved and proper access is used.

[Content, Levels] Publish unpublished content from level B1

Improve tutorial for inertial https://fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/367

Translate material for Dragster https://fllcasts.com/bg/materials/406-drag-car?ref=2560

Picture for dragster


[Platform] .mk4v is the file extension for the VEX Modkit settings and programs.

.mk4v files could be uploaded. These are the VEX iq programs


[Box Robot] Add cables to box robot

Adding cables to box robot 1


Picture of 240

https://www.fllcasts.com/materials/242 Picture of 242

29 [Content] Create VEX Robot

Brand new VEX robot created


Picture for 583


Picture for 578

[Content] Level C2 Lesson 2

The new lesson 2 for Level C2 is released. For now mostly in bulgarian but it will be translated


[C2, Image] Create an image of the field for the port task in Level C2

Image available at https://www.fllcasts.com/bg/course_sections/484

Picture for task

[Content] Level C2 Lesson 3

Lesson 3 from Level C2 is complete. For now mostly in Bulgarian but it will be translated


[Pictures, Curriculum] Change the curriculum page picture of the courses with onces that are better and show the subject of the course

The pictures of the courses are changed with pictures from the courses.



[MGE 1.0] Mandatory user information

When creating a group you could choose to add a mandatory information. Users must fill this group before they are enrolled.

[Access Revision] Revise the access to groups, subscriptions and organizations as it should be after the organizations

We've created a plan to introduce coordinators that would be able to manage the group of an organization. This will be implemented in next sprint

[MGE 1.0] Payment information available to be marked for group users

When a group is added we could select that it requires payment and a field for payment information will be shown. This is needed to allow for payments outside of the FLLCasts Platform

[MGE 1.0, Waitlist] Group without max users configured should not even show Waitlist

Groups that do not have max users set do not show Waitlist

[Discussion] Can we add padding before and after image/video within the description of a tutorial?

There is a padding added to make UI more appealing When creating a tutorial this could be used for the images

<img class="img-responsive content-img">

[Organizations 1.0] Have a way to view all the groups for a certain organizations

Just go to the organization page and select "Groups"

[MGE 1.0] Waitlist

Each Manual Group Enrollment group was a Waitlist. When the max users is set and a user is registered after the max is reached than the user is put in a Waitlist

[Organization 1.0] Do not show all the organizations. Limit the number of organizations shown only to a specific number that is in FLLCastsSettings

Only part of the organizations are are checked by an admin are currently shown

[Materials, Build] After a material file is uploaded the view must be refreshed before pressing Build - otherwise the old file is built

When creating a material one could upload the source file for the instructions and click Build without refreshing the page. This is a huge improved in the UI and flow

[Content] Allow users to create materials in the same way users create programs

Users that are registered on the platform could create Materials

[Content] Let users create episodes

User could create Tutorials on their own. Admins have to publish them for now

[Groups, SoftwareScenario1] Search for user return nothing

We can now search for the user by username and by email and it is working correctly

[Groups, SoftwareScenario1] Make a mandatory check if the user should be added to subscription or if it should buy his own

When adding a user to a group it is much more clear who will buy the subscription for this user. Would it be the teacher. Or would it be the student. This is currently selected in a much more clear UI

[IC] Do not make the files cases incentivive when reporting the errors

Errors generated from the 3D Assembly instructions procedure now would not change the case of the file. This makes it easier to identify the errors that are occurring

[MGE 1.0] Move from one group to another.

To move a person from one group to another we just have to remove it from the first and add it to the second

[SoftwareSdenario1, Subscriptions] Show more meaningfull information about the title of the subscription when adding a student to the subscription

The full name of the subscription along with valid date is shown to the teacher that is adding a student to the subscription

Something like

FLLCasts Personal B One Year/REF1801-1121-990 valid until 2019-03-14

[IS] Lag of instructions

You can press and hold the button when in the 3D Assembly Instructions viewer and you will move forward in the instructions. Every step will be shown. Previously there was a lag where most steps were skipped and only the last was shown


[Cables, Pictures] Make pictures for the cables for VEX IQ


Picture of 583

[IC] Add the possibility to replace parts in the PL

We now support the feature to replace parts in ldr parts info. This means that one part will be used in the viewer while another part in the parts info. As a result a cable could look in a different way in each construction but will have the same picture in the Parts info

Picture for parts info


[Affiliate] Create an affiliate program.

We have a version of an affiliate program to which people could join