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Personal A


Watch & Learn.



Watch tutorials and learn. Follow some (but not all) building instructions.





$8 billed monthly







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Personal B


Watch, Build, Program, Solve & Learn.



Build hundreds of robots, enroll in courses, complete tasks, watch video tutorials. Use personally to learn as a teacher, student, or as a parent to teach at home.



$72 billed yearly







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Prepare as a team to win robotics competitions.


Enroll in courses with tasks, watch tutorials, follow building instructions, share progress and collaborate.





$240 billed for six months.

Minimum of 8 members

Add more teachers and students after the initial purchase.


With purchase order


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Organize professional STEM & Robotics classes with students.


Years of easy to follow, structured, step-by-step students courses. Access Teacher Notes. Track students progress. Get additional support



$144 billed yearly for teachers.

Pay as you go for students.


Parents/Students purchase their own Personal B subscription or the school orders them


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Create a free accont and get access to 10+ free building instructions for robots

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are people saying about you?

      Visit the Testimonials and read for yourself

    2. Is there a Money Back?

      All plans are eligible for 7-day money back guarantee Learn more at 'money back'.

    3. How could I pay?

      • Credit card
      • Paypal
      • Wire Transfer (Team and School)
    4. Do you have some free building instructions that I could look at?

      Yes. Every building instrution has a preview and here are 10+ free building instructions for robots that you could take a look at.

    5. Do I lose money when upgrading. Why is there a different price when upgrading?

      You don't lose money. When upgrading a plan the charge is "prorated". We discount what you've already paid

      Example: You have a Personal B, bought on 01 January. You decide to upgrade to Team Subscription on 01 February. We discount the new charge with $66 (11*Personal B/12). One month of Personal B has passed but there are still 11 left so we discount the payment for these 11 months from the current payment

    6. Why is the duration of "School" and "Personal B" one year?

      You can't learn in a week. You can only test in a week. If you are not happy with the platform or content we have a money back policy to refund you. But you need to give yourself time to build, to watch, to learn. We've provided many shortcuts and ready to use programs, ideas and building instructions along with a lot of theory and you have to invest in yourself, your children or students. This does not happen in a week.

    7. How to request more students for Team & School subscriptions?

      Currently you send us an email at team[at]fllcasts[dot]com with information about how many students/teachers you would like to add and if it would be you purchasing their subscriptions or it would be them. Then we send subscription links to the other parents/teacher (or you) to purchase the subscriptions. We add the other students/teachers to your subscription. You group them in groups, collaborate with them and track their progress.

    8. What do I get access to?

      • 1 pages of robot building instructions
      • 2483:40 minutes of tutorial videos
      • 1 number of tasks


TWL, May 2019

I did spend time studying your material and applied many of your design techniques during the 2018/19 Into Orbit season. In particular, the sections on shell attachments and use of elastic band were extremely useful and helped us a lot!

I want to take a personal break as a coach managing 7 kids after 3 tiring FLL reasons and hence decided to cancel my subscription. I may possibly return to FLL in the future and will look at subscribing FLLCasts again.

Marcel S., March 2019

Great video! Very helpful for me, as I am searching informations to design my first Lego Technic instruction. With your video I got a very good overwiev which programs to use. Thank you for your time making this video!

Dani, February 2019

I found it very interesting and instructive. You do a fabulous job, continue like this.

I do not need the services for work reasons, but until now I have obtained an enormous performance.

Thank you very much for your effort and work

Anonymous, February 2019

The best part was the teachers' part where you teach me how to teach students those new concepts. One does not get that every day.

Bill, September 2018

We were impressed with the whole build, but the access panel above the non-drive wheels that allows you to charge without much dis-assembly was a particular favourite.

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