The FCC in USA is about to vote to get rid of the net neutrality, letting ISP's censor and throttle websites, and charge extra fees. This would allow ISP's to throttle this site, when they don't like the idea of every student learning about robotics, technologies and generally how to think.

The FCC will end net neutrality on Dec 14th if we don't convince Congress to stop them. Join the Protest and Contact Congress to save net neutrality.

If you are not from USA you should also be alarmed. Similar policies are already in the process of implementation in the other 59 countries in which is used. We should fight for our Internet freedom regardless of where we are from.

Tetrix Box Robot chassis for FTC competitions

We've built a box robot chassis that could easily be extended with attachments for FIRST Technical Challenge competition.

If you ever filled that FIRST Technical Challenge is difficult and you don't know where to start from, building this Tetrix robot is the first thing that you could do. You would have 4 motors, plenty of space for attachments and good access to the phone.

The robot is built from a Tetrix Set without additional parts. It's a winning robot in just 107 steps

This material requires a subscription to one of the following plans: FLLCasts Personal B One Year or FLLCasts Personal 3 years or FLLCasts Team Six months or FLLCasts School One year

In order to build the full construction, you'll have to subscribe to FLLCasts.

Image for Tetrix Box Robot chassis for FTC competitions

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  • 09 Sep 2017