Creating a new Course Section (Lesson) and reusing Tutorials and Materials

A Course Section (Lesson) at the FLLCasts platform allows you to structure and reuse the content already developed in the form of Tutorial, Material and other Course Sections. In this tutorial we would look at how to reuse content.

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  • 20 May 2019

Reusing content in a course section

  1. Each course section is part of a course
  2. Create a new course at
  3. Go to the Edit page of the created course.
  4. content picture
  5. Fill in the Title of your lesson and the position you would like this lesson to have in the course. If the Course Section is public than it will be visible to students without enrolling into the course. Select "Update course" and this will create the Course Section (Lesson) in the course. You will see it on the edit page.
  6. Open the Course Section. This is how it will look like
  7. content picture
  8. Select Edit
  9. Go to the Content part of the Edit page.
  10. Select the "Add new Content" button
  11. content picture
  12. Search for tutorials, materials, programs  based on the public id of this content. See more about public ids at How to search at FLLCasts 
  13. content picture
  14. content picture
  15. After you select the content will appear with a picture and description
  16. content picture
  17. Select "Update Course section" and this will update the course section to contain the tutorials, materials and programs that you've search for and selected. 

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