We are online every Friday

Every Friday we are strictly online for about an hour. You can ask us questions for robots, for competitions, for your next year plan for teaching. Just visit www.fllcasts.com and in the lower right corner, you would see the widget for starting a chat with us. The chat is private and is between you and us. Of course, you can find us online and chat with us in different moments through the week, but for these specific hours, more people from our team will be online. 

Since many of us are in different time zones we would be strictly online in the following time slots:

  1. Every Friday - From 14:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC
  2. Every Friday - From 19:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC

Note: Time is in Coordinated Universal Time. You can use this online converter to check the time in your specific time zone