Winning moments

Winning moments sharing contest

Don't let your creations just vanish

Share your FIRST LEGO League 2015-2016 most interesting solutions

First time you go to a competition you mostly learn from the other robots and the ideas of other teams. We have all done it and what we discover is more important than what we win. We share our experience and learn from each other.

But we are not living in the same country, we don't go to the same competitions and we don’t have the opportunity to really exchange our ideas and knowledge so we can all move forward together.

Online competition is the answer

We’ve decided to move the competitions online. There are no borders, no traveling costs, no participation fees and no limits on the number of teams participating.

How to participate?

Research project
  1. Level 1 - Comment below with a short description of your Research Project
  2. Level 2 - Add photos and links to other materials from the Research Project
  3. Level 3 - Record a video of your presentation and comment below with a link
  1. Level 1 - Comment below with photos of your robot and a description of your most valuable attachment
  2. Level 2 - Record a one minute video of your robot using the most interesting and valuable attachment. Comment below with a link
  3. Level 3 - Record a longer video for the most interesting and valuable attachment. Include pictures and descriptions of the idea


Recognition for your achievement, learning more about the other teams and having fun.

This is how your work will not just vanish, but others could learn from it (...and we might also build a more complete course named on Your Team).


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